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World Food Day: Raise awareness with these restaurant marketing ideas

World Food Day is usually celebrated every 16th of October. It promotes global awareness and action for countries with a lack of food, malnutrition, and hunger.

To attract investors and sponsors to dine in your restaurant, you can take this opportunity to hold a charitable event in honor of World Food Day.

Make sure to use a QR code menu software to help you run a fast-paced restaurant environment through contactless and cashless transactions. The software also allows you to set promotions and send email invitations, especially when hosting charity events for a holiday.

Invite your target investors, sponsors, and other customers to join the charity event. Let it be known that the proceeds of this charitable event will be donated to charities and used for a good cause.

Restaurant charity event ideas

For your restaurant business, you can take this opportunity to host a charity event that will support a good cause in honor of World Food Day.

Here are some ideas you can do as part of your charity event.

1. Run a restaurant donation drive

A donation drive in your restaurant will most likely entice customers to visit your location. Send out an invitation and inform your target market about the program of your donation drive.

Let your target audience know that this donation drive will help address hunger, malnutrition, and lack of food supply in some areas that need charity help.

Remember to cater to customers with the meals and beverages available on your menu in your donation drive.

Prepare bountiful food and beverage items in your interactive menu QR code and let your target audience browse your online ordering page.

While these target audiences donate some of their used clothing, things, and other valuable items, offering them menu items from your restaurant is also viable. The proceeds from your World Food Day sale will also be donated to charity houses.

2. Host a complimentary dinner for those in need

Since World Food Day addresses hunger, lack of food supply, and malnutrition, hosting a dinner for those in need is also a good idea.

A free dinner for those who may not have the means to purchase goods or cook will be invited to this event.

Hence, you can free up your restaurant space, get sponsors from your investors to generate the capital you need, and invite the target audience participating to this momentous special dinner.

If you have problems hosting a free dinner in your restaurant due to lack of space, you can deliver free food to your local homeless shelters or churches and extend the help through this simple gift-giving.

3. Donate foods in your pantry

Refrain from throwing away food that isn’t used. As the recipients of food donations from your kitchen, you can collaborate with the churches and homeless shelters in your neighborhood.

You can also get in touch with neighborhood philanthropic groups and work together with them to organize a food drive for underprivileged families.

This action benefits the residents of your neighborhood or town and enables you to conserve food resources and aid others.

You can publish contribution drives on your social media accounts and ask sponsors to support you in producing the activity. This will also help you in increasing audience engagement.

4. Give a portion of your profit to charity shelters

With all the events and donation drives, you will be hosting, commit to donating a percentage of the profits made in your restaurant to homeless shelters, charity houses, and churches.

Motivate your customers to order in your restaurant and be part of charity events for a good cause.

You can release a newsletter or email notification to your target regular customers and let them know about the purpose of these events. Donating to charity shelters will help you finance their cost of living and the means of food.

Final thoughts

World Food Day is about helping others in need, especially those homes and shelters that do not have the means to purchase goods.

Having a charity event in your restaurant during World Food Day will help raise awareness among individuals about the repercussion of inflation and other economic issues in any country.

With such donation drives and charity events, you can help those families in need. And you can also address hunger, malnutrition, and lack of food supply in concerned areas.