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17 Superstars we’d Love to Recruit for Our Leather Jacket Trend Team

For decades, leather jackets are very well known for their classy and attractive design among men. Back then in the 1930s leather jackets were designed for military pilots with bomber styles. In a world war, pilots first wear these jackets to prevent massive cold air. After that these jackets with leather-coated materials gain unexpected popularity. Therefore people start wearing these bomber jackets occasionally at many different events and even casually. With time many designers introduce different varieties of leather with respective colors and styles. Many among them show market leather jackets with brown, maroon, and beige color styles. Jackets with embroideries were also introduced in the market which no doubt a masterpiece in itself gaining much attention.

In this modern era, there is a lot of variety of leather popular with respective styling names such as flight jackets, Scott jackets, Malvern biker jackets, Brown Fur Leather Jacket, Reiss jackets, Cromford jackets, and many more. Even though men are wearing these classy leather jackets. Many designers also introduced a large variety of leather jackets for women as well. With this invention, the demand for leather jackets touched the sky and increased day by day. However, there are many designs of leather jackets for women available in the market. One of the most popular types is the Womens biker leather jacket nowadays.

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that celebrities these days indeed influence us with their living style and with their personality. Today’s fashion industry has been topping up with leather apparel. There is not a single person in this modern era who is not aware of leather jackets. Here we quoted 17 superstars from fashion and influencing industries who’d love to recruit leather jackets.

1. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling left a big impact on people’s point of view about leather jacket styling. His movie Blade Runner 2049 was a blockbuster and gained too much popularity among people. You can see him wearing leather jackets often in this movie. Even though he also wears a Brown Fur Leather Jacket in street fashion which makes them even more viral.

2. Tom Cruise

Talking of the movie and fashion industry, there is barely a single person who doesn’t know about Tom Cruise. He is very famous because of his beauty and acting skills, has done many blockbuster movies like mission impossible and many more. He was also spotted several times wearing different types of leather jackets in movies and street fashions

3. Dwayne Johnson

Former WWE champion and very famous movie star is very famous and is at its peak nowadays in the film industry. Dwayne Johnson has done many blockbuster movies and covered many live events. However, he is also very obsessed with these leather jackets and can be seen wearing them in many scenes in different movies. Like in Baywatch, fast and furious, and many more.

4. Michael Jackson

Who doesn’t know about the legend Michael Jackson, the godfather of the hip-hop industry? He introduced hip hop to the people and covered many live events in his life. He also liked to wear leather jackets and can also be seen wearing them many times at his events.

5. Leonardo Di Caprio

The heart killer and crush of many girls, Leonardo Di Caprio usually use these classy and fit leather jackets.

6. Brant Daugherty

A blockbuster Fifty shades of Freed, which gains a lot of popularity among many peoples, especially youngsters. The audience likes this handsome Brant Daugherty, due to his acting skills and his attractive personality. You can also see him wearing a leather jacket in his movie.

7. Justin Bieber

The famous young musician with a lot of popularity in the past few years uses these leather jackets at many of his events and songs.

8. Chris Evans

The famous avenger superhero, we want to watch unconditionally. He is a very simple dude even in his real life. He prefers a simple yet classy look thus you can see him wearing leather jackets casually in the streets.

9. Taylor Lautner

The Twilight saga is a famous blockbuster movie. Taylor Lautner plays the role of the wolf guy in this movie and people liked him. You can see him wearing a leather jacket in this movie.

10. Bradley Cooper

The famous and handsome men in the town use these leather jackets with casual shirts in the streets.

11. Emma Watson

The crush of many boys, seen wearing leather jackets in many street fashions.

12. Victoria Beckham

Legendary actress who is very well known because of his strict and badass look uses leather jackets on many occasions.

13. Hailey Bieber

A famous model and now Justin’s wife also uses leather jackets on many occasions.

14. Matt Bomer

A handsome American actor who also uses these leather jackets on various occasions.

15. Adam Lambert

American singer and songwriter who is very well known because of his emo scary looks also loves to wear different leather jackets.

16. Kate Upton

Famous American model also shares many photos of her wearing leather jackets at many events.

17. Kendall Jenner

The worldwide famous and top model who also loves to wear leather jackets on many occasions including modeling ramps.