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Do you want your press release to have a reach of 309+ Million people?
Evertise AI PR enables world-class brands distribute their press releases to top-tier news and media outlets to generate best-in-class media coverage

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Want GREATER Exposure For Your Brand?

Evertise AI PR Enables World-Class Brands Distribute Their Press Releases To Top-Tier News And Media Outlets To Generate Best-In-Class Media Coverage

PR and Communication professionals are relied upon to create, protect, and set the corporate agendas and amplify brand messages. You and your team can more effectively appreciate, shape, and amp up your stories through Evertise AI PR which brings together cutting-edge technology, industry innovation, and high-quality customer service.

Worldwide Visibility Through Distribution Across 670+ Industry-Leading Media Outlets.

Get guaranteed exposure for your press releases by having them published on our network of over 670+ media outlets, including top-tier publications like Yahoo! News, Google, Bloomberg, AsiaOne, and many more.

Evertise Amplifies Your Brand's Reach with A Well-Established Audience To Create A Viral Buzz

Evertise attracts top quality audiences to your press release by amplifying your company and brand’s message across world-class websites and news sources like Yahoo! News, Google, Bloomberg, AsiaOne, and many more.

Evertise Establishes Your Business as A Trusted Source By Getting Featured In Top-Tier Media Outlets.

Evertise increases your business’s visibility by providing links to your press release from world-class websites and news sources by syndicating it to thousands of web and news sites all at once.

Evertise Supercharges Your Marketing Strategy and Increases Your Revenues.

Evertise utilizes the power of press releases to effectively reach new buyers in untapped markets for your company. We establish your credibility, persuade potential customers of your value, and position your company as the leading solution in the market.

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• Vertical websites, covering 6 different major niches and topics.


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* All distributions in Standard+ additional premium distributions below:


• Business Insider


• Associated Press


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• Yahoo Finance


• AsianOne

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