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Custom Keychain Guide: How To Customize Your Own Keychain

If you’re anything like us, then you probably have a lot of keys. Many of them don’t really get used that often or they’re just random locks that don’t really need to be unlocked. But what if we told you that there is a way to make those locks more useful and less of a waste? What if we also told you that it can be done with just a little bit of time and some simple materials? Well, if those things aren’t enough to convince you, then maybe this will: with a little bit of DIY know-how, your old keys can be transformed into something more practical and useful than ever before. Read on to learn more about custom keychains, their uses, how to build one and other interesting facts.

What is a Custom Keychain?

Custom key chains are like keychains with a difference. Unlike regular keychains, which come in many different designs and styles, custom keychains are created by decorating the keys themselves. In fact, to create a custom keychain, you’ll need only two things: a key, and some sort of decorative material. The kind of material used has a lot to do with how you want your keychain to look like. For example, you can use different materials for the key itself, as well as the ring. You could try using leather, wood, plastic or steel in the key. Depending on the material of the ring, you could also try using different kinds of materials for the decorative material, like iron for the outside, with leather or ribbon for the interior.

Uses of a Custom Keychain

A custom keychain is not just meant to look good on your keys. In fact, you’re likely to find that there are a lot of practical uses for a custom keychain. Some of these include: -making your keys more durable – some decorative materials are actually quite strong, so you can use them to make your keys more durable and long-lasting; -making your keys more secure – some decorative materials, such as iron, are quite heavy and make a great security feature. You can attach these materials to the keychain to make your keys more secure; -making your keys more waterproof – some decorative materials, like iron and plastic, are waterproof and can be attached to the keychain to make keys that can be used underwater; -making your keys more unique – one of the best things about custom keychains is that they can be made quite unique. You can paint your keys, attach different stickers to them or engrave them with your name and contact number. This makes your keys even more unique and special; -keeping your keys from getting lost – a keychain can be attached to your keys to keep them from getting around and lost. This means that if one of your keys gets stuck in a lock, you can simply attach it to the keychain. -protecting your keys from other people – some custom keychains are designed to protect your keys from other people. For example, if you have keys that open up expensive locks, you can attach these keys to a custom keychain to keep them safe. -taking note of key details – while most keychains have a simple design, some keychains can be customized to include details like the type of lock or the manufacturer of the key. This can be useful when logging key details for insurance purposes.

How to Build Your Own Custom Keychain

Now that you know the uses of a custom keychain, it’s time to get started. To build your own custom keychain, all you need to do is take a key and decorate it with the decorative material of your choice. Once you have the key decorated, you can keep it safely in your keychain. Decorating the key is pretty easy as well. In fact, we’ve found that it’s easier to decorate a key than it is to decorate a lock, mainly because decorating a key is simpler. All you have to do is trace the key onto the decorative material of your choice, which can be done with a pencil, pen or marker. Then, decorate the key as you see fit, making sure to cover the keychain with the decoration. Once it’s decorated, you can keep the key safely in your keychain. You can build a custom keychain using an online store too.

Things to Remember When Building A Custom Keychain

Before building or customizing a keychain, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Some of these include: -carefully choose the materials of your keychain; -make sure that the keychain is attached securely to the key. A loose keychain can easily fall off, which is dangerous and will result in it being lost; -make it a habit to keep the keychain close to the key. This can help you keep track of it and avoid losing it.


Custom keychains are a great way to make your keys more durable and secure, waterproof and even more unique and special. They can also be used to keep track of your keys and take note of lock details. All you have to do is take a key, decorate it and keep it safely in your keychain.