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FIFA World Cup 2022 Winner Odds

The World Cup is one of the most fervently awaited events for most people. We wait four years before we can even start to enjoy this grand arrangement. Qatar has hosted this year’s World Cup, and 32 teams have joined. They will play 64 matches before we finally see the winner. Many countries send their football team with expectations riding on their backs.

Know the top teams to win the world cup 2022

Now that quite a few matches are already over, people have started to make their calls for which team is most likely to win the World Cup of 2022. Below mentioned are the top 5 among the top 5 teams to win the world cup 2022 though it’s all just predictions and nothing more:

1. Brazil: As the team that won the previous world cup Brazil is a powerful contender for the 2022 world cup in Qatar. Brazil has always been a top-notch group that has never failed to show its strength. So far this year, the team has played two games, where they have come out as the winner for both. Brazil had come out of Neymar’s dependency under the leadership of their coach Tite, and players like Casemiro and Richarlison, making the front page of the news while scoring a goal.

2. France: France is yet another strongest competitor. They took third place in the previous world cup tournament and were even the first to make it to the knockout this year. French footballer Kylian Mbappe had already matched Zinedine Zidane by scoring his 31st goal for his country, and since Pele, he is the first to get seven World Cup goals before the age of 24. So far, it has been a part of three games where they have won 2 games and have unfortunately lost the last one.

3. Portugal: If you watch football and are a big fan of Christiano Ronaldo, you will know about Portugal. Even though they were in the sixth position, you cannot disagree that they have some of the strongest players, like CR7 and Bruno Fernandes, who let the Portuguese supporter dream about taking the World Cup home.

4. England: Even though they struggled a bit against the team of United States, you can still say that they have a strong foothold in the match. They have a good chance of winning the competition if they can hold onto their form. Though they were placed 4th in the 2018 world cup, they are strong enough to win this cup.

5. Netherlands: ***

When it comes to winning the world cup every year, it is seen that from the very beginning, people start to calculate the odds of each team winning based on their performance in their first games. As mentioned, one game made all of the difference in the world for the Netherlands, as they are now one of the favorites to win the tournament.

Earlier today, the Netherlands pounded Spain 5-1. It was a majestic performance for Louis van Gaal’s side as they absolutely throttled the team that beat them 1-0 in the finals of the 2010 World Cup.