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What Makes IMAI The Best Influencer Marketing Platform?

Summary: IMAI promises real help and allows a free trial to test its strength and efficacy before you make an opinion on this platform.

IMAI is the best influencer marketing platform because it employs the latest technology that helps find the right influencers. And finding the right content creators is the first step in making successful social media campaigns.

Here’s how IMAI helps in social media marketing

First…an extensive database

What the brands want to know about content creators is available in the database. It contains names, numbers of followers, locations, expertise, and everything about influencers. Also, the database is kept updated. And IMAI doesn’t choose content creators randomly. This organization has a set process to choose key opinion leaders. It keeps track of each content creator and includes them in the database only when they perform.

IMAI influencer marketing platform conducts fake followers check on every content creator. It is necessary because many people inflate the number of their followers just to bag projects. But they can’t give results because they don’t have followers. IMAI keeps its clients safe from fake followers.


IMAI has filters to make it more convenient to find the right information about influencers. The filters allow the users to get the best choice without wasting much time. Brands can easily locate the influencers they can hire. It is the biggest advantage of IMAI. It has a content creator for every business. Whether you are a small business or a big brand, you can easily find the right content creator to lead your social media campaigns.


IMAI is the best influencer marketing platform because it helps everyone. Whether you are a startup looking for a foothold in the competitive market or a big brand trying to retain your hold on the market, you will find the right set of content creators that can further enhance your brand presence on the market. You can compare key opinion leaders and choose the best.

Depending on your budget, you can join hands with an influencer. Content creators charge fees according to the number of their followers. For example, a key opinion leader with millions of followers will charge a higher fee than one with just hundreds of followers. But you can join hands with an influencer with limited followers if you believe they can give good results.


IMAI influencer marketing platform is known for giving good results. It gives excellent results. You will get a user-friendly dashboard on which you can see all your active campaigns and the results achieved by those campaigns. Everything will be before your eyes so you keep track of the performance of your campaigns.

If anytime you feel that a campaign isn’t giving results, you can stop that campaign instead of continuing with the non-performing campaign. In this way, you get total control over your campaigns and influencers working for your brand. In other words, you pay for what you get.


IMAI is the best influencer marketing platform you can try for free. It is available for a free trial so you can test its performance and recognize its usability for your business. Once you are satisfied, you can become a regular subscriber.