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Canada’s Labour Market Starts Strong: How Can You Secure a Position?

The Canadian economy created 104 thousand jobs in December 2022, beating market expectations. Many job seekers are starting 2023 on a positive note, as the availability of jobs may simplify their job hunt in the new year. However, job seekers still need to ensure their application is substantial if they want to secure a position in a leading company.

Securing a position can vary among individuals, depending on the industry, salary expectations, and the applicant’s skills and qualifications. Job security comes with protection from economic downfalls, layoffs, and other factors that could threaten an individual’s position in a company. So, securing a job is different from finding a temporary position. Here are a few ways to secure a Canadian company position.

Create a Strong Application

To secure a high-level position with an attractive compensation package, you must show the employer what you are worth. Creating a strong application can help you stand out among other applicants and allow you to secure a position in the company.

A strong application includes all the relevant and vital information indicating your ability to complete the job. This typically includes a detailed resume with relevant experience, a descriptive cover letter, letters of recommendation, and work samples (if applicable).

Leverage Your Professional Network

Increase your chances of getting hired by leveraging your professional network. Go through your contacts or social media profiles to find professionals who can help you land a job. Let your professional network know that you are looking for a new role, and they may connect you to potential employers.

Networking increases your visibility and helps you gain a better reputation among employers. Some individuals you network with may also have the opportunity to refer you to a specific position, boosting your chances of getting a new job. If the opportunity arises, you may also be able to help your professional network. Forbes shares that networking should be at the core of your career, as it fosters a trade of ideas and helps professionals create long-term relationships and mutual trust.

Work with a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies are equipped with the knowledge and tools to help employers find the perfect candidate for an open role. They can help you find a position based on your skills and prepare you for the interview while assisting you in the application process. Look for recruitment agencies in Canada with extensive experience, as they know what employers may be looking for in a candidate.

A key benefit of working with a recruitment agency is that it saves you the time and hassle of applying for countless jobs. They do the critical work and use their knowledge and industry experience to match employers with candidates, ensuring they are a good fit for each other. Signing up with a recruitment agency will save your resume on their database, allowing you to be one of the first points of contact when a position you are suitable for opens up.

Canada’s labour market is expected to witness a positive outlook this new year, but knowing the best ways to secure a position in a competitive job market is important. Implement the strategies above to land your dream job.