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SC, US, April 5, 2023/Evertise–The Hamilt0n Brand (THB) CEO Anthony Hamilton, Jr and THB President Elliott Charles today announce the formation of The Dunk Collective (DunkCollective.com), a multi-year initiative focused on bringing exposure to professional dunking, establishing scoring for the sport and championing stronger community connections between basketball and its increasingly diverse fanbase. Charles will serve as the General Manager of The Dunk Collective.

In the coming months, The Dunk Collective will recruit female professional dunkers to join the group. The collective will also establish community-based partnerships and will announce a schedule of live events to take place across North America.

“Each of these dunkers has an amazing story to tell. Some have overcome incredible obstacles to get where they are today. Others have brought meaning to their life and the lives of others by reaching for what seems like the impossible. We want to showcase the strength, artistry, and showmanship of this highly influential group, while bringing their loyal followings along for the ride through live events, exclusive social media content, fan meet and greets, and more. With the formation of The Dunk Collective, we expect to see a transformation in how professional dunking is viewed and valued in professional sports,” Elliott Charles said.

“We want to grow the professional dunker community,” Charles added. “In Year One, we welcome potential partners, brand ambassadors, and communities that want to be a part of this movement.”

The Hamilt0n Brand and the Dunk Collective’s current partner list includes sporting goods and apparel company Wilson Sports, apparel and e-commerce company BlueChip, design agency Jim Vranas Design Co., and brand communications agency Bond Studios.

Anthony Hamilton, Jr, @hamilt0njr
“Since I was a kid, playing basketball at the highest level was always my goal. With the journey I’ve been on, I began to realize that there is not only one road to the highest level, and we are creating more inroads for the next generation, and beyond, to be able to surpass the ceiling that we as a group surpassed.

I’ve seen, met, and have built a relationship with every guy on the roster, and with knowing each guy’s unique individual story, it drives me just as much to build a common successful space for the community, my peers, partners, families & friends across the world with The Dunk Collective.”

Jordan Kilganon, @jordankilganon
“The Dunk Collective is a game-changer in the world of dunking, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Elliott and Anthony’s passion for the sport and their commitment to elevating the art of dunking is truly inspiring and I’m excited to work alongside them and the other amazing dunkers in the collective. The potential for what we can achieve together is limitless and I can’t wait to see what opportunities this collaboration brings.”

Jordan Southerland, @1footgod
“My plan with the Dunk Collective is to change the dynamic of what an athlete is and what they are worth in terms of value to the community. I want dunkers to be looked at as professional athletes whose time and service is valued as such. I want to not only inspire future athletes but also let them know that anybody can do big things with your talents through social media without settling.”

Isaiah Rivera, @isaiahrivera1
“Pushing the sport of dunking to the next level requires a team effort and this is finally possible through The Dunk Collective. Never before have all the best dunkers in the world come together like this and I want to give a huge thanks to Anthony and Elliott for being able to put this together!”

New Williams, @newwilliams_
“The dunk collective, to me, is a cosmic ballet of gravity defying artisans, weaving together a tapestry of airborne mastery that transcends borders and unites the world. It is the harmonious convergence of human potential and ambition, painting a vivid dreamscape where the sky is not the limit, but merely the canvas for which we write out individually unique stories of triumph.”

Dan Gross, @dangross44
“I believe that the Dunk Collective is a huge step in taking dunking to the next level. I joined the collective to contribute to taking that next step and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and for the hard work that Anthony and Elliott have put into this.”

Connor Barth, @connoremilbarth
“I joined the dunk collective because it’s the one group that has the best for dunking in mind. Dunking could be huge long term and I want to see that become a reality. Dunking saved my life and gave me purpose so that I could find my way to my goals and dreams. I want others to be able to have that experience and more.”

Tyler Currie, @t.currie
“Lots of talent in a room together brings out the best in each other”

Tony Crosby, @tonycrosbyy
I feel like the potential that the collective has is crazy! We have all the top dunkers in the world from all sides of the world with their own sense of style. To be able to bring a group of people with that following and skill together is unbeatable. Want to shoutout Anthony, Elliott & Joshua for bringing this all together! I’m glad I’m able to be a part of something bigger than myself and grow with like-minded individuals with such talent. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Jonathan Clark, @jclarkthejumper
“I’m really excited to be a part of this amazing endeavor that Anthony and Elliott have put together. This is the future that will catapult dunking into mainstream media. With the iron sharpens iron mentality, dunkers will push each other to become the best versions of themselves”

Elliott Charles
Hamilt0n Consulting
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