Are you looking for a creative way to relax during the winter? You should try painting with diamonds.

Diamond painting is a unique creative activity and it can be your newfound hobby. Painting with diamonds is a mosaic art form, and it is fun and exciting. If you want to relax or cool off after a day’s tension, you can’t go wrong with diamond painting.

Simply take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. It is a great relief from stress, especially for your mental health. Your mind becomes more at ease when painting by numbers.

Why Is It Called Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting does not exactly mean you use real diamonds to paint. This form of art is similar to cross-stitching. It is popularly referred to as a painting by diamonds and is also known as crystal art.

It is done on a pre-glued canvas using different colors of resin rhinestones depending on the design on your canvas. You get to pick the colors of resins to start with. The shiny glare after doing a diamond painting makes it so unique.

The designs of diamond paintings are always pre-printed on canvas. You don’t have to design the canvas yourself. But you can guess what! You can do a custom diamond painting from a photo. All you have to do is get the right kit.

5 Must-Have for Diamond Painting

For you to enjoy diamond painting, you need the right tools. Here are the major resources you need for your diamond painting;

Canvas Board

Having a canvas board is essential in making diamond artwork. You can only do diamond painting on a pre-glued canvas. One amazing thing about diamond painting is you can make your own canvas or decide to get an already-designed canvas.

Diamond Craft Stones

An artist can’t paint without color palettes; it is also the same for diamond painting. The craft stones are not actual diamonds but resin rhinestones. It comes in different colors and shapes, but they always have a flat bottom to make beautiful artwork.

A stylus

Picking resin rhinestones to adhere to the canvas is easy using a stylus. A stylus helps you lift each craft stone carefully. The diamonds are too delicate and tiny to be picked up by your fingers, thus the need for a stylus.

Diamond glue clay

Keeping your artwork neat is possible with the diamond glue clay. It holds the stones in place because it is a solid adhesive perfect for diamond painting.

Modge Podge

Ensuring your gem stays in place in your design is important. Modge Podge is the best gloss to use after placing each gem carefully. It keeps your diamonds shiny.

Step-by-step Procedure of Diamond Painting

  1. Get all your kits ready on a flat surface
  2. Place your canvas on a workstation
  3. Sort out the color drills you need for your design
  4. Apply wax to the tip of your stylus
  5. Start placing the gems accordingly on the labeled square on your canvas. Repeat the process until you are done placing all the craft Stones in place
  6. Apply the Hodge Podge gloss once you are done for a neat result. You can decide to frame the artwork.


Are you looking for the best gift for someone you love? Did you know you can make a custom diamond painting from a photo? Amazing, right? You should give it a shot. It could be a photo of you and your spouse if it’s an anniversary or valentine’s celebration. Your partner will cherish your gift.

You should try your hand at diamond painting, it is an awesome activity to relax and take away boredom. You never know, diamond painting might be the hobby you’ve been longing for.