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The Los Angeles Tribune Book Club Goes Live via Apple Store and Google Play

The highly anticipated Los Angeles Tribune Book Club has officially been launched and is available to the public in beta mode. The ambitious new platform has many features that will be added over the course of the next several quarters that are set to redefine the way that authors and their readers have traditionally had relationships.

According to the description on Apple’s store “It’s some of the greatest books around combined with some of the best books you’ve never heard of on demand. Expect everything from free chapters to free books. Expect everything from well-known author names to new indie authors on the rise. Most of all expect books that will make you better.

It’s everything from health and wellness to business and entrepreneurship. We’ve got books that are both self-improvement and personal development. Get access to extras, bonuses, and opportunities to get more of your favorite authors.

Check out more of our categories and authors with new additions coming all the time!”

According to Publishers Weekly, booksellers sold 825.7 million books in 2021, up from 757.9 million in 2020. A huge increase in fiction units sold led the way, with young adult fiction sales jumping 30.7 percent, adult fiction up 25.5 percent, and children’s fiction up 9.6 percent, respectively. The data shows that despite the changing medium and shifts into digital, book sales are here to stay. The Los Angeles Tribune Book Club is positioned to play a role in the upward trend of modern-day publishing.

The app is being developed by Top Talent Agency and affiliates.  Top Talent Agency is a talent management and representation organization specializing in a complete publishing approach. The partnership between the parties illustrates the potential of this Book Club App to be a revolutionary movement in the world of publishing.  One of the top apps of 2022 the Los Angeles Tribune Book Club is currently available for download on both the official Apple Store as well as Google Play.