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Low Commission Realtors You Need to Know!

Selling a home can be easy with a real estate agent in exchange for a high commission fee. However, the perks of the same services can be enjoyed with a lower commission rate by hiring low-commission realtors that help the seller with the house sale at a low fee rate. 

These agents are as professional as a traditional real estate agent, and their services’ chances of error are possibly low. Moreover, these agents are well versed with different client requirements and appropriate solutions, having worked with multiple clients daily. 

They basically charge half the commission of a full-time real estate agent. Besides, these agents cater services in different models that fit other characters’ needs and rates. Hence, let’s take a look at various “discount realtors near me” standards and help you sell your property with maximum savings. 

Discount Realtors Near Me: Types And Models

Percent Bases Low Commission Agent

Low-commission realtors that operate on a commission basis are no one but the same ones we discussed earlier. As said, these agents charge half the commission of a full-time realtor, and the fees can still be negotiated. They are licensed agents availing similar services as traditional ones’. 

Such agents charge a commission of 2-3% on total sales. However, the rates differ from location to property type. Usually, they charge around 2% only if they believe the place could be sold with less effort. 

Flat Rate Low Commission Realtors

These agents help you sell your property for zero home sales commission. Instead, their charges are applied as a flat (fixed) fee. Flat rate low commission realtors assist you in listing your property on MLS and other necessary procedures. 

Flat rate low commission realtors’ charges usually range from $3,000 to $6,000 (negotiable). The fee depends on the property rate and type. While working with such agents, make sure you cross-check with their services offered and read the terms and conditions carefully. 

So the realtor doesn’t misguide you in the middle of a transaction and leaves the procedure halfway. Note: The remainder of the flat rate is paid when closing. Suppose a realtor asks for full payment at the start; stop them there and tell them the rules. 

Flat Fee MLS Listing Companies

Flat fee MLS listing companies are the ones who help FSBO owners list properties on MLS and other websites. They also provide multiple in-house services, including professional photography, FSBO yard signs, managing listings, and other notable benefits. 

These facilities can be availed in exchange for a marginal flat fee. However, the rates differ from platform to platform. A company like Houzeo.com provides the best flat fee MLS listing services for $349+, including every facility and tool that an FSBO owner requires to market a house apart from MLS listing. 

Best Discount Realtors Near Me: Company Rankings And Reviews


Houzeo is an excellent flat fee MLS listing platform in the United States of America. It provides the best combination of max savings, max exposure, cutting-edge tech, and 5-star customer service. Sellers like you wishing to sell their house for minimal charges should opt to work for Houzeo.

Houzeo’s plans for home sellers

Houzeo’s affordable flat fee packages help sellers save thousands in real estate commissions. They provide the four best MLS listing packages, while the most famous one is $349+. Moreover, sellers’ can make extra savings on buyer’s agents when the other party has no representative. 

Houzeo is a seller-centric high-tech company designed to simplify the complex process of listing a house. The platform is 100% online, which makes listing a home easy and quick. Sellers won’t have to show up in person for any procedure. 

With Houzeo, sellers will have to not worry about any selling aspect and get their queries solved with Houzeo’s top-rated customer service facility available 24/7.

Ideal Agent

Ideal Agent stands second on our list of “best discount realtors near me.” The company is best recognized for helping needy sellers find united quality low commission real estate agents and nearly $3,000 to $4,000 when listing with Ideal Agent. 

Ideal Agent for home sellers

The platform matches home sellers to a low commission flat fee-based real estate agent representing their client from start to closing. Agents are allocated from the top 1% of agents who complete transactions on the seller’s site.

Once you’ve found the right Agent, they come to your place, evaluate its value, and determine its standout features that will attract buyers. Agents will help you maximize your sales profits by taking advantage of these features.

Ideal Agent professionals cater every service as promised. Your Agent helps you out take professional photos of your home and help you set the list price. At the same time, negotiation assistance and closing are also carried out by the Agent. 

With Ideal Agent, it’s not just about saving; their home selling strategies deliver the best sales results at the highest price in the shortest amount of time and save thousands on closing.


Redfin is one of the largest low-cost real estate brokerages and the best-known high-tech company. They have an excellent user interface with features like Redfin home search and a platform that delivers a full range of brokerage services. 

Redfin for home sellers

In addition to the “full-service” Redfin package (1.5% listing commission), there is also a “concierge” plan with a 2% listing commission. However, Redfin takes a little longer time than other platforms to list on MLS. 

As per Redfin reviews, it has a low customer rating of 3.7/5. Besides, they are said to be inactive, and ghost seller’s at times due to the sheer volume of customers. Clients often complain that agents are never reachable; they are misleading and unprofessional.

Redfin is best for individuals looking for easy-to-access nationwide low-commission agents. However, the customer ratings and reviews state that they take a long time to respond or ghost their clients. 

Final Words

Low-commission realtors offer likewise services as traditional realtors but at a low rate. Considering our recommendation of the best flat fee, the MLS listing company can help you save your property fast and save on realtors’ commissions. Besides, working with such companies is always profitable as they list every legal property irrespective of its condition and location.