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Scottish Hybrid Kilt? | A Little Bit Traditional And a Little Bit Modern

The Hybrid Kilt is a  modernised kilt. It is the combination of Tartan and Utility Kilt. This allows more comfortability while retaining the true nature of the tartan kilt. It gives the same traditional look of a kilt but with a more conventional look and with the ability to hold essentials.

Modern Hybrid Kilts

You love the look of a Classic Tartan Plaid Modern Kilts because it represents your cultural heritage as a proud Scotsman. At the same time, you love the ruggedness and modern appeal of Contemporary Utility Kilts. How can you ever decide which one to buy? Well with the Tartan Box Pleated hybrid kilt, you don’t have to choose at all! Our fashion-forward Modern Hybrid Kilts gives you the best of both worlds in one comfortable, artisan crafted flared design.

Construction of Hybrid Kilt

The majority of this Scottish Hybrid Kilts is made out of 100 percent cotton fabric in your favorite of eight colors, but inside of the box pleats, we use a Classic Tartan Plaid Fabric for a touch of the traditional kilt. Perfect for any casual occasion or for wear on the job, the Tartan Box Pleated Hybrid Kilt has detachable snap down flap cargo pockets at the hips and straps. For attaching other accessories or repositioning the pocket. Our signature embroidered lion appears on the corner of the pocket of the made-to-measure kilt.

Features Of Hybrid Kilt

There are a number of reasons why Hybrid Kilts are perfect. They have following features:

-Unique Look

Ultimate Hybrid Kilt – V Pockets

-Heavy Duty Fabrics

Although our Hybrid Kilts are incredibly comfortable, they are made from heavy-duty fabrics and are carefully sewn to make them strong and long-lasting. They’re the perfect choice of clothing to hold up to all the sand and the effects of the hot sun.

-Cool Fit

These kilts  are much cooler than trousers or shorts, and they let you dance with ease! You’ll look and feel sexy in one of our hybrid kilts.

-Practical Storage

The Hybrid Kilts feature different storage options like pockets and pouches. You can carry many items in your kilt, so you can spend the day enjoying the music festival and not having to head back to your campsite constantly to get things you need.

Creating Your Own Hybrid Kil

-Compare Styles

To start designing your perfect utility kilt for Burning Man, choose the style you prefer from our wide range of options. Each kilt has a different combination of features with different styles of pockets and pouches built in.

-Choose Your Accent Fabric

After you’ve picked the main fabric for your kilt, you can select the one that will be used for the box pleats and in some designs as trim for the pockets and pouches. There are a number of camouflage, cross and Tartan that you can choose from.

-Select Your Main Color

Once you have found the Kilt you like the best, you can choose from many different primary color options for the kilt’s waist and the main body. Pick a neutral color or a bold one that will stand out; the choice is up to you.

-Pick Your Hardware

To put the perfect finishing touch on your kilt, pick the hardware finish that you like from matte black or silver brass.

Different Design Of Hybrid Kilt

A blend of everything you love about the classic kilt with all of the functionality of a utility kilt, the X-Men Hybrid Kilt provides you with all of the practicality and the style that you want. This kilt comes in black with stylish pleats. Box Pleat Tactical Hybrid Kilt can be worn on the hiking trail. The pockets are secured by extra strong clips, so they can be easily removed in those moments when you can’t afford to be weighed down. Modern Tartan Hybrid Kilt is a classic example of traditional kilts but are updated to present a modernistic look that is appropriate for wear anywhere. You can customize every part of the kilt, including the main color and accent colors as well as the waist size. You can enjoy peace of mind over getting the perfect fit.