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An integral part of successful business: a mobile application

This year, the number of downloads on Google Play increased by 6.7%, and in the App Store – by 23%. Of course, the pandemic has also affected these indicators – but it is clear that people are increasingly choosing to use applications. Web and mobile applications for startups and businesses are exactly what you need for a successful project. You will be able to control the development process and make your own changes, you will definitely be

Why do you need a mobile application?

This will definitely increase your sales.

Apps make shopping on mobile devices much more convenient, which stimulates sales growth.

You will get more clients

Informing customers about discounts, promotions and other bonuses will encourage them to repeat purchases, and new ones will simply be of interest. Loyalty programs, transferring a bonus card to a smartphone – all this will win the user’s heart.

Always in touch

The application helps the company not only in sales, but also in communication with the client, which becomes almost continuous and maximally simplified.

Convenient collection of information

Thanks to app usage statistics, the company gets to know its target audience better. A rare uninterested user will enter the application and generally keep it on their device. The information obtained will be needed by the business for its further promotion.


Design is handled by UX and UI designers. A UX designer is a kind of marketer who studies user behavior, comes up with convenient interface schemes, tests the application, and also draws up a technical task for the UI designer.

The UI designer is responsible for the appearance of the interface – forms, buttons, icons and other components. Also, his responsibilities include the development of a voice and sound interface. Designers from ronasit will make a high-quality and competitive product.

Often these processes are handled by one specialist – a UX / UI designer.


After the designers have worked on the appearance of the application, the programmers make the application work. Typically, a test version of the application is created first.


For the application to work perfectly, testing is carried out. It helps to identify various bugs even before the official release.

It is customary to separate two types of testing:

  • Alpha testing. When developers themselves check the entire operation of the application at the development stage or after it is completed.
  • Beta testing. When an app is being tested by a specific audience. A certain circle of people is given the opportunity to test the application as ordinary users. Any bugs found are reported to the developers.


At the moment, the most popular app stores are the App Store and Google Play Market. According to the collected data, during the year, these two stores accounted for 118.8 billion downloads. Of these, 73.7% – through the Google Play Market, 26.3% – through the App Store. But it is worth noting that the App Store outperforms its main competitor in terms of profitability: 53.1% versus 46.9%.

Support and development

If the application is simply published and forgotten about, then after a while it will become uncompetitive. Using the services of ronasit you will not spend extra time on this, they guarantee high reliability. To stay competitive, you need to keep the app evolving and keep it updated.

The mobile application will be useful for businesses from completely different niches.