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Reasons to visit Costa Adeje in Tenerife

Costa Adeje in Tenerife is one of the tourist sites that receives thousands of visitors annually. It is a perfect place for tourism, thanks to its nature, good weather, beaches, hotels and leisure activities that delight any tourist. It belongs to the municipality of Adeje and is considered the “Jewel of the South”, thanks to its spring atmosphere and full of breathtaking scenery.

Tenerife is a select area of classic tourism because the island has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. And it is less than 5 minutes from the town of Adeje, where the tradition of Tenerife is notorious for its markets, stores, handicrafts, art centres, taverns and streets. The natural areas are stunning and offer endless options to enjoy on holiday.

1. Climate and temperature

Costa Adeje is an ideal destination for vacations during any month of the year. It has an average annual temperature of 23 °C and a constantly exceptional climate. It is enjoyed in summer and winter because of the sunny weather and bright sunshine. Furthermore, it has more than 17 beaches along the coastline, some larger and some smaller. In addition, there are more exclusive or family beaches. Visitors can choose the beaches they prefer, depending on their needs.

The climate is warm and pleasant. In winter, it is less cold and more enjoyable than the rest of Europe. That is why Tenerife is the most suitable destination to visit in every season of the year. It is also very convenient to do tourism in this area in the low season because the costs of the tickets will be lowered and there will be no difficulties with the weather.

2. Beaches, mountains and natural spaces

The grey or black sand beaches, golden sand, and natural pools are impressive tourist attractions. However, the crystal clear water allows you to enjoy a phenomenal atmosphere. This island stands out for the diversity of beaches and natural spaces for all tastes. Some beaches have a promenade, and others are wild beaches with difficult access, but that will delight anyone.

You can enjoy the sun and the sea on the coast and in the mountains. The warm nature has whales, dolphins, hiking trails, landscapes and a forest crown. It is protected 45% by its landscapes and leafy forests.

3. Accessible accommodation

Accommodation in Costa Adeje is within everyone’s reach. Exclusivity and quality must be included. It is full of luxury and accessible hotels. The hotels in Costa Adeje are surrounded by tropical vegetation and swimming pools with dream stays.

There is an enough variety of hotels to satisfy the needs of all types of budgets. However, it is important to check room availability before making the trip.

4. Delicious gastronomy

Costa Adeje’s hotels and restaurants offer a variety of exquisite food and wine. Gastronomy is famous on Tenerife: cheeses, honey and traditional food. Award-winning chefs and Michelin stars characterize the excellence of the restaurants. However, only one can leave Costa Adeje to taste its typical dishes and delicious drinks.

5. Exclusive and luxurious hotels

The hotels in Costa Adeje are characterized by their exclusivity. Playa Fañabé and Playa del Duque are the area’s most exclusive hotels and resorts.

Before travelling to the island, checking availability on a reservation page is advisable. Ideally, it should be a hotel close to the beaches to be visited (exclusive or family).

6. Activities for all tastes

The island of Tenerife is a cheerful and cosmopolitan destination. Its population is proud of its origins and culture. It is deeply rooted in traditions, heritage and local festivals. However, people are open to new trends for leisure activities day and night. The experience for couples, families, friends and solo travellers is entertaining.

Theme parks, concerts, events, sports games and performances by internationally recognized artists are available. In addition, water excursions, cultural activities, nature activities and leisure activities are also available.

Visitors often go hiking, whale watching, swimming, surfing and astronomical observation, visiting shopping centres and strolling around the city or town.

7. Playing sports on the coast

The dream of any sportsperson is to practice their favourite sport in a natural and wonderful place like Costa Adeje. The climate is perfect in all seasons of the year for sports because of the stable temperatures and the exceptional conditions of Tenerife’s nature.

It is an authentic outdoor stadium for leisure activities and sports. Athletes practice bodyboarding, scuba diving, surfing, free diving, deep-sea fishing, paddle tennis, golf, paragliding, parachuting, cycling and running.