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Urgent Announcement: Haitian Development Network Mobilizes to End Hunger in Haiti

Washington, DC – May 8, 2024 – Haiti, a nation besieged by the specter of hunger, is facing a critical juncture in its battle against food insecurity. Recent United Nations reports have highlighted the dire situation, with nearly five million Haitians grappling with acute hunger, exacerbated by escalating violence and gang activity. In light of this crisis, the Haitian Development Network (HDN.Org) reaffirms its unwavering commitment to fostering sustainable change and empowering communities to combat hunger effectively.

Gangs wielding significant control over crucial supply routes and urban centers have compounded Haiti’s already fragile food security landscape. With up to 90% of Port-au-Prince under their influence, these armed groups obstruct vital transportation corridors, impeding the flow of essential goods, including food supplies. This state of affairs raises concerns that hunger is being utilized as a tool of coercion and control, further deepening the plight of vulnerable populations.

Despite the challenges, Haitian Development Network remains steadfast in its mission to address the root causes of food insecurity in Haiti. Led by Jacques Jonassaint, former Special Envoy of President Emile Jonassaint to the Clinton Administration, Haitian Development Network leverages a multifaceted approach to catalyze transformative change across the nation.

“Haitian Development Network believes in the transformative power of grassroots movements to drive national progress,” affirms Jacques Jonassaint. “Our strategic initiatives are aimed at fostering economic empowerment, educational advancement, and governmental reform, thereby ensuring the prosperity of Haiti’s backbone.”

HDN’s efforts center on empowering private enterprises, bolstering agricultural productivity, and creating an enabling environment for sustainable growth. By prioritizing community engagement and local capacity-building, Haitian Development Network seeks to empower individuals and communities to chart their path towards food security and economic resilience.

In line with its commitment to transparency and accountability, Haitian Development Network measures its impact through key performance indicators, ensuring that its initiatives are responsive to the evolving needs of Haitian society. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts, Haitian Development Network remains dedicated to realizing its vision of a prosperous and food-secure Haiti.

Today, Haiti stands at a crossroads, grappling with the intertwined challenges of hunger, violence, and poverty. As the nation navigates these turbulent waters, Haitian Development Network remains steadfast in its commitment to building a brighter future for all Haitians.

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About the Haitian Development Network:

The Haitian Development Network (HDN) is a non-profit organization that works towards promoting economic and social development in Haiti. Our goal is to empower the Haitian people by providing them with the necessary resources and support to build a better future. To learn more about HDN.Org and our work, please visit our website at https://hdn.org/.