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MIBET Energy is Empowering the Solar Industry Through Reliability and Efficiency

Xiamen MIBET New Energy Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of solar mounting systems, is transforming the sector via increased efficiency and consistent efficiency exhibited in its services. Being one of the fastest-growing industries, the solar industry demands further research and development in creating modern solutions to the world’s increasing energy demands, and MIBET Energy is delivering precisely the same. The company features constant research and efforts in developing affordable and economical solar products.

The organization has to its credit several patented technologies and unique products. The most popular products from the firm are efficient photovoltaic mounting systems. In fact, the company is acclaimed as the largest photovoltaic solar product exporter in China. The operation and service of the company span more than 100 countries and provinces, and the demand for MIBET products has instigated the organization to take enough measures to include more countries in its service.

The major products available at MIBET Energy are various solar mounting systems, including roof mounting systems, floor mounting systems, mounting systems for agriculture, carports systems, etc., and PV systems like PV Tracking systems and floating PV systems. MIBET itself patents most of the products offered under these sections. It is estimated that more than 140 patented technologies are used in the company to develop efficient solar solutions.

Although based and headquartered in China, MIBET Solar Systems has branches spread over countries like Australia, Japan, and Germany. All the branches feature an automated production line, adding to the production process’s efficiency. The highly efficient technical team at MIBET features more than 50 solar experts and efficient technicians, and they are very particular about maintaining high-quality standards throughout the production process. To ensure the quality of the products, each is made to go through a minimum of seven quality tests, including AS, UL, TUV, Wind and Environmental Protection Test, etc. MIBET has commissioned ten compelling testing facilities solely to maintain the products’ high standards.

Much like delivering domestic and small-scale photovoltaic mounting systems and other solar services, MIBET has worked with major commercial solar projects worldwide. Some popular ones are the 4MW rooftop project in Spain, the 1MW floor-mounted project in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the 35MW floating project in Israel, 54.6MW floor-mounted project in Japan’s Nasu-Ushan city, and the 500 KW floating project in Poland.

The high standards maintained in the production, distribution, delivery, and post-sales services make MIBET Energy one of the most sought-after solar manufacturers. It features high customer ratings on all social media platforms, and the customers have recommended the firm to their acquaintances more than 30,000 times. The annual production capacity of a whopping 5GW+ enables MIBET to cater to all the dire needs of its customers.

Considered a pioneer in structural designs, MIBET intends to reform the industry by adding budget-friendly yet highly efficient mounting systems and solar products. It puts forth great efforts to ensure that all its stakeholders, including the customers, employees, and investors, benefit from the organization without compromising on its eco-friendliness, inclusivity, and affordability principles. The team at MIBET cherishes the dream of growing into the top manufacturer of solar mounting systems and empowering the entire industry through their premium yet affordable solutions and services.