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Being a Solo Senior: Is Independent Living the Right Choice?

When you’re of retirement age, there are plenty of things to think about: what will you do with all your free time? How will you keep yourself connected with family and friends? On top of it, you also have to deal with the physical demands of maintaining a home.

Independent living might be a good option for you if you’re an active adult who’s tired of all the stress of homeownership. However, it’s a life-changing decision, so it’s worth taking your time.

As you ponder going solo, here are a few essential things to consider.

Determine what type of “care” you need.

As you evaluate your living options, consider all the things you need. Contemplate your requirements regarding emotional, medical, and physical support. The last thing you need is to regret your decision after spending a considerable portion of your life savings.

In general, most senior living communities will fall into these three categories:

  • Independent Living – This maintenance-free living is ideal for seniors who need little to no assistance. Rental and ownership options are offered and are ideal for those who wish to have a relaxing lifestyle.
  • Assisted Living – Designed for seniors who can’t live safely and healthily on their own but don’t require an extreme level of care. Older adults who live in an assisted living community have access to 24/7 on-site healthcare services.
  • Long-term Care – This is ideal for individuals who require access to healthcare and nursing 24/7. This is more comprehensive as it offers care services designed to support the needs of those with chronic diseases.

Are you ready to bid your home goodbye?

It’ll be hard to let go of the home you’ve known and lived in for years. However, the maintenance can be too much for someone with old age.

Are you willing to trade the work and expense of your home for another beautiful residence? Ready to move to a home that doesn’t put you to work but empowers you to do things you love? Independent living can be your breath of fresh air– no more grass cutting and snow shoveling straining your back.

Is convenience a priority?

Independent living is all about your lifestyle preference. It comes with two appealing factors: convenience and peace of mind.

Everything you need is inside an independent living community. You don’t have to drive far to get your groceries or enjoy a massage. The community’s primary focus is to provide service to all social needs of people your age. Someone will do the household chores!

Do you fancy the idea of socializing with new people?

You’ll have many opportunities to make new friends in an independent living community. There are planned activities and excursions to meet people who are happy to make you feel part of the family.

Making new friends will be easy, as people of the same age can interact with you. You simply have to walk out of your front porch and enjoy the companionship of other community members.

Do you still have a desire to learn?

If you love learning and trying new things, you’ll want to take advantage of on-site classes in an independent living community. You can try new hobbies or learn about different types of subjects.

Lifelong learning has plenty of benefits, including keeping your mind active. And keeping your brain moving is as important as keeping your body mobile.

You deserve to age well and live well!

In-depth research conducted by ProMatura International and ARCO shows that people in retirement communities are more active,  social, healthy, and happy. This is compared to older adults who have not yet decided to move to a retirement community.

Do you find yourself nodding to all the points above? Then, independent living might be the one for you.

Independent living communities, like The Buckingham, are created for seniors with their aspirations and desires in mind. It’s time you re-discover your passions, live however you want, and enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle.