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Juul 2 Starter Kit

If you are looking for a way to vape, the Juul 2 Starter Kit is a great choice. These vape devices feature a convenient USB charger, a charging cable, and pod refills in a variety of flavors. You can also choose from a variety of flavors, including Fruit Medley, Cucumber, and Classic Menthol.

Juul 2 vape device

The JUUL2 Starter Kit is a great option for those looking to try out vaping as an alternative to smoking. It comes with a vape pen, a charging dock, and two refillable pods in classic menthol and crisp tobacco flavors. While this device is perfect for beginners, it’s also great for seasoned vapers who want a convenient, portable way to enjoy their favorite flavors.

The Juul 2 is supposed to offer a longer battery life, a child-proof design, and improved draw and vapour. It also features Bluetooth technology that is supposed to help users monitor their nicotine intake. Its slim design is another advantage.

Juul 2 pods

The JUUL 2 Starter Kit is the updated version of the original JUUL vape device. Its new design features an improved draw and vapour, as well as 20% more battery life. It also has a smart light interface to show you how much e-liquid you have left and charge level. It also has an integrated draw firing mechanism, making it easy to draw and vape while on the go.

The JUUL2’s battery life is about 1 day, and there’s a small LED light on the side to tell you how much juice is left in a pod. When a pod is full, the light will glow purple. You can also pair your JUUL2 with a JUUL App available on Google Play. This app also allows you to lock or locate your device and track your battery’s charge level.

Juul 2 app

The JUUL2 Starter Kit comes with a companion app, which allows you to easily locate your device. This app is compatible with Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Once you’ve installed the app, you can pair your device to your phone via Bluetooth. Once paired, the app will provide you with a map of the last location your JUUL2 was connected to. You can also set the app to notify you when your JUUL is back within range.

You can use the app to unlock additional features on your JUUL2 device, like tracking your usage, and knowing when it is time to update. The app is free and is available for Android users. It also helps you find lost or stolen devices, so you can track their location and prevent unauthorised use. However, you need to ensure that you have enough memory on your phone to install the app.

How to update firmware on a Juul 2 device

If you want to update your Juul 2 Starter Kit to the latest firmware version, you can do this through the Juul app. The process is easy. First, download the firmware update software from the manufacturer’s website. Once downloaded, install the software on your PC. Once the software is installed, you’ll be prompted to search for the latest firmware update. When you’re done, you’ll receive an alert that the firmware update has been successful.

Next, make sure the JUUL2 is within Bluetooth range. Once it has found Bluetooth, it can pair with the app. You may need to turn on Bluetooth on your phone before pairing. If it doesn’t connect, restart your phone to reconnect.

How to check if your JUUL2 is charged

Before using your Juul 2 Starter Kit, you should first ensure that it’s fully charged. This can be done by removing the Juul from your mouth and tilting it back and forth. When the device’s battery is fully charged, the indicator will change color. You can also check if your Juul is charged by tapping the light indicator next to the battery. It will emit one of three different colors based on battery power.

The JUUL battery can charge completely within an hour. The battery should last all day for average users, but heavy vapers may need to charge their JUUL twice daily. The battery is designed to charge easily and can withstand 600 charge cycles. However, after two years of daily use, the battery will begin to deteriorate.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x JUUL2 device
  • 1 x USB Charging Dock
  • 2 x JUUL2 pods (1 x virginia tobacco and 1 x crisp menthol) 18 mg / ml nicotine strength


  • Built-In Battery: 250mAh
  • Indicator lights for charge status, battery level, e-liquid level and pod authenticity
  • Pods Nicotine Level: 18mg/ml nicotine salts
  • Compatible with the JUUL APP only available for Android™ platform


  • NOT FOR SALE TO MINORS: This is an age-restricted product and age verification is required at sale.
  • This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance .