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Interview with An Attorney Who Empowered 150k Subscribers over COVID Lockdowns: Joseph Plazo

Introducing Joseph Plazo, a jack-of-all-trades and master of many. He doesn’t just wear the hats of a lawyer, an author, and a trailblazer in machine learning, digital marketing, and business development – he redefines them. His saga isn’t a polished resumé of academic laurels or professional accolades. It’s an inspiring narrative of a self-made man, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of personal tragedy, transforming pain into a springboard for phenomenal growth in the business world.

A versatile player in the start-up ecosystem, Plazo has held a multitude of roles – partner, investor, consultant – across diverse ventures, from Exceed Global to Empowered Development, Sumosam, Midasoft LLC, United Travel Group, and Plazo Sullivan Roche. With his Midas touch, he’s helmed the brand and marketing departments of industry titans such as Convergys, goFluent, TTEC, and ISW, each ranked among the esteemed INC 5000.

Yet, Plazo’s journey has not been a seamless trajectory of triumphs. He’s tasted the bitter pill of failure, with more than half of his start-ups dissolving. But from each downfall, he’s gleaned invaluable lessons, stoking his resolve to inspire others to embrace entrepreneurship without fear of failure. Intrigued by his resilience, we probed:

“When did you first hear the entrepreneurial call?” Plazo harked back to his teenage years, a time of honing entrepreneurial acumen through tutoring gigs and turning a profit from reselling jewelry in Quiapo. These initial forays into business etched an indelible belief – “profits are better than wages.”

When the pandemic hit, nearly all his income streams dried up. However, true to his entrepreneurial spirit, Plazo saw an opportunity in this crisis. Teaming up with tech-savvy partners, he crafted an automated trading system, which not only preserved capital but also nurtured it. Their brainchild – a Telegram Channel – attracted a staggering 150,000 followers within two years, offering coveted market insights.

What’s the propelling force behind his entrepreneurial drive? “The thrill of expansion,” Plazo reveals. It’s not just the profits or customer satisfaction, but the exhilarating journey of setting audacious goals and conquering them.

If he were to encapsulate his entrepreneurial life in one word, what would it be? Exciting. The continuous evolution, the adrenaline rush of piloting a start-up, and the ever-changing dynamics of his role amid myriad challenges underscore the thrill of his journey.

What propelled him into the business arena? Three driving forces – the freedom of being his own boss, the power to steer the company’s success, and the challenge of unfettered expansion. These motivations, he avows, spur him forward daily.

His advice for budding entrepreneurs? Three essential ingredients for a successful business – comprehensive market research, tireless dedication, and profound understanding of all aspects of the business. And above all, always be ready to invest more than budgeted.

Growing a business, Plazo admits, is a path fraught with challenges. Juggling time constraints, finding fitting partners, and securing scalable technology have tested him. His recipe for success? Prioritize ruthlessly, focus relentlessly, and discard anything that doesn’t contribute to your growth.

On leadership, Plazo champions a blend of respect and honesty. His creed – “Never send troops to fight a battle you wouldn’t fight yourself” – underscores his commitment to lead from the front, regardless of the task’s magnitude.

As for his 2023 forecast for global businesses? Plazo predicts a looming recession, sparked by post-pandemic inflation and collapsing financial structures. However, he envisages a silver lining in this bleak forecast – a forced reinvention of business strategy, where businesses leverage artificial intelligence to break into new markets, innovate, and ultimately, thrive. In Joseph Plazo’s world, crisis is merely a stepping stone to innovation and growth.