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4 Reasons Why You Should Switch Your Home Loan to an Award-Winning Bank

Switching your home loan lender is no easy task, but it’s necessary if you don’t receive valuable benefits. Some bank lenders cannot provide the benefits every homeowner should receive. So if this is you, it might be the best time to switch your home loan lender.

There are many benefits to switching your home loan to a trusted lender. An award-winning bank understands your financial goals, which can improve your overall contentment.

What is Refinancing?

Refinancing your home loan means benefiting from a new loan from another lender to pay off your existing loan. You can change the interest rate, edit your loan term, or turn equity into cash. Switching your home loan provides many benefits, especially if you switch to a reliable lender. You must now apply for an award winning home loan by switching to an award-winning bank.

When Should You Switch Your Home Loan?

If refinancing can help you save money and move closer to your financial goals, then do it. When deciding whether to refinance your home loan, consider these three factors:

1. Credit Score

Most home loan lenders require a specific credit score for a person to qualify for a home loan switching.  Most lenders need a 620 credit score, but if you’re aiming for the lowest mortgage, a good credit score is 740.

2. Debt-to-income Ratio

Debt-to-income ratio is the percentage of the gross monthly income you use to pay off your debts. Some lenders would accept applicants with DTI as high as 43% for conventional loans.

3. Credit Report

Your credit score depends on the information stated in your credit report. If your account has errors, your lender could offer a higher interest rate. To avoid this, request a copy of your credit report and correct mistakes if there are any.

Why Should You Switch Your Home Loan?

There are many reasons for switching your home loan. From poor service quality to better benefits, there’s a reason to refinance your mortgage. Check out these common reasons people change their home loans to better lenders.

1. Reduced Interest Cost

A lower interest cost is the most common reason for shifting to a new lender. If you are paying higher interest on your existing home loan compared to another lender, it’s natural to be tempted. So if a new loan brings down your total interest cost, you should consider switching your home loan.

2. Additional Loan Opportunity

In addition to home loan refinance, you can also take incremental funding at prevailing home loan rates. It’s advisable to use a top-up loan if you are getting the benefit of lower rates from your new lender.

3. Poor Service of Current Bank

Getting poor service from your current bank lender is the most obvious reason to switch to a better bank. Issues like not providing loan statements on time, bad customer service, or slow implementation of interest rates are enough to change.

4. Property is Ready for Possession

If your under-construction property is available for occupancy, consider refinancing. Most people would think it’s not a good idea, but remember that the key to the asset is in your hands.

Apply for a Home Loan Today!

Refinancing can help if you are looking for ways to lower your mortgage payments. Take the first step toward a lower interest rate by switching your home loan to an award-winning bank!