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WeSorare A Community for Sorare Players Publishes Exciting Resources for Better Play

Sorare is an ingenious fusion of fantasy sports, including football(soccer), the NFL and the MLB, the blockchain, and non fungible token (NFT) football cards. This fusion is proving popular among football fans and those that like to speculate on cryptocurrency and related markets.

To support the Sorare community and help players get to grips with the dynamics of how the game works, WeSorare a dedicated community has been released. So, now the community is up and running what can players expect?

What is Sorare?

Sorare is an ingenious game that combines the classic fantasy sports games, with NFTs. Like fantasy sports, players choose real life professionals in their chosen sport to represent their team. As the season unfolds, the professional player performance affects how many points each Sorare player earns. The more points a Sorare player wins, the more valuable his or her team (assets) and the more glory earned.

Sorare, however, has taken the basic fantasy game and brought in a traditional professional player trading card system, and made these cards non fungible tokens (NFTs). As well as budding football managers Sorare attracts its fair share of investors to the game too.

Once you’ve created your squad adhering to Sorare’s rules, you can then put your team to the test. Sorare has created a marketplace where the rarer player cards are more valuable. You can buy, sell, and trade cards with other players.

Sorare facilitates a global competition where your team goes up against players from around the world, and private leagues where you play with friends, and go head-to-head with other managers.

Incentives to Play Sorare

Sorare has cleverly designed the game to entice players to sign up by providing a rewards system. Typically, this includes:

  • Merch
  • Ethereum cryptocurrency
  • Match tickets
  • Digital player cards
  • And experiences such as meeting real life sporting heroes.

To win rewards a Sorare player team has to perform well.

Choosing a Squad

The art of playing Sorare is to choose the best squad you can afford to assemble. Each player has a certain value and the better the player is believed to be in real life, the more expensive that player is. So Harry Kane in the English Premiership, for example, is going to be more valuable than 19 year old defender, Sebastian Wade.

Like real life sports, it is a good tactic to get to start researching stars of the future and try to spot talent. If you can do this, you can buy cards for little known players at a more cost effective price, and sell them for a greater profit once they break through and become a worldwide star.

It all gets very exciting.

Features of WeSorare

Sorare players can now find the following information and resources from WeSorare.

  • General news – Game updates and state of play are published regularly. This is relevant to you whether you prefer the sports side of Sorare or the more entrepreneurial business side.
  • Guides – WeSorare currently publishes guides to playing Sorare. One is a guide for beginner players so if you are new to the world of NFTs, the blockchain, and fantasy football you can get up to speed with several guides.
  • Withdraw and deposit information – Wesorare includes a detailed guide on how to deposit and withdraw cash.
  • Strategies – As the game is based on fantasy sports, real world events and statistics in your chosen sports are important. The strategy guide provides some good tips on how to play.
    News– Anything and everything connected to Sorare is featured here. This includes developments, the current game week information, and what is in the pipeline. Everything a Sorare player needs to know is featured here.

WeSorare is a welcome addition to the fantasy football NFT hybrid Sorare. It helps players get to grips with how the blockchain entity works, and its guides, tips, and strategies are clearly laid out and are useful.

As some NFTs are considered to be a good investment, there is potential to make money and again, WeSorare provide useful information on this side of the Sorare platform. Check it out.