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The Best User-Friendly Arizer Extreme Q

For many years, desktop vaporizers have been regarded as the ultimate connoisseur’s method of indulging in vaping. More efficient heating systems and unbroken sessions are made possible by bigger vaporizers. The high cost of several desktop devices, on the other hand, is a significant barrier to access. The Arizer Extreme Q is an excellent entry point into the desktop vaping market since it enables novices and those on a budget to make use of all the benefits of desktop vaping without going over budget. The Extreme Q can provide more intense and robust vape experiences that put many handheld devices to rest owing to its bigger construction and external power source. Additionally, it has a convenient remote control that enables users to customize their vaping experience from afar.

The Arizer Extreme Q was launched to the market to compete with the Volcano Classic as well as the Volcano Digit at a lower price point. The device is designed to be used as a dry herb vape or tobacco.


  • The Arizer Extreme Q is extremely adaptable.
  • supports the use of a balloon, water pipe, or whip for vaping.
  • The Arizer Extreme Q is simple to operate owing to the remote control.
  • One of the longest warranties currently offered belongs to Arizer.
  • The model is made to last and is very silent.


  • The Arizer Extreme Q takes longer than the Volcano to inflate a vapor balloon.
  • Because there is no valve built into the structure of a balloon, if you’re not careful, it might leak.
  • While using, glass components will get warm; they must cool before being refilled.
  • The vaporizer’s automatic controls are trickier to use than those on other versions.

What’s in the box:

The Extreme Q’s kit is stuffed full of parts and amenities. The Extreme Q itself, as well as the glass cyclone bowl, remote control, and power adapter, occupy most of the package. The package also comes with an aromatherapy dish that can only be used with scented oils and cannot be used with dab products.

Following this are Extreme Q’s whip and mouthpiece, which feature a small whip made entirely of glass and three food-safe silicone whips. A balloon along with a mouthpiece made of frosted glass is also available in the package. Spare screens, a mixing tool, and the owner’s handbook round out the less spectacular but extremely important but e items.


  • Multi-Purpose Heater For Dry Herbs & Aromatherapy
  • Portable Micro Heater
  • Pure Convection Heating with Fast-Heating Ceramic Element
  • Precise Digital Temperature Control for your specific needs and wants
  • Custom-Session including Audio/Beep Tone, Automatic Shut-off Timer, and both Celcius and Fahrenheit temperature display
  • Remote Control, making it easier to access afar
  • High-Quality Borosilicate Glass Parts, with easy Maintainance and cleaning
  • Glass Cyclone Bowl provides full coverage cyclonic Airflow
  • A Quiet 3-Speed Fan, each speed for special needs i.e. Assisted Draw, Balloon System, & Aromatherapy
  • High-Quality material, giving the ArizerExtreme Q its lasting built
  • ISO standard quality built and manufacturing

The temperature control:

The temperature controls on the Arizer Q may be changed using the remote control or the controls positioned on the device’s front. Making incredibly accurate changes is possible because of the LCD display, which clearly shows you what’s happening within the gadget. The Arizer EQ includes full digital temperature control that lets you set the temperature from 50° C to 260° C (122° F and 500° F). This gives you just enough space to experiment with different settings and pick your favorite one. For excellent flavor and good vapor production, 200° C is a suitable starting point. it’s important to note that because desktop vaporizers often reach greater temperatures, they deliver larger, more intense doses than portable vaporizers.

Preparation Time

The Arizer Extreme Q takes longer to prepare than the Volcano Digit because it takes up to two minutes to fill a balloon with thick vapor. But even so, if you utilize another draw technique, the Extreme will be available for use sooner. Be aware that while the vaporizer’s plastic shell is cold to the touch while usage, the glass parts do get warm. You’ll probably need to shut the vaporizer off then and take 10 to 15 minutes until it is cold enough to touch before you can refill it.

Dual methods of inhalation:

The Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer has two primary ways to inhale. The first method involves drawing straight from the cyclone chamber using the silicone whip. This method of drawing from the gadget is simple and comfortable, making it ideal for solitary use. The second technique involves turning on the fan and vaporizing a plastic balloon. Then, this may be removed from the apparatus and transported around. This enables customers to enjoy vaping without being confined to Extreme Q’s housing.

The Vapor Quality

Without a doubt, the Extreme Q generates high-quality vapor. It’s undeniably not the finest of the finest and numerous other devices work better than it. It isn’t as clear as a complete glass road since the vapor path is created by a silicone hose or a balloon. Although competing devices unquestionably deliver greater results, the gadget still creates a nice flavor, particularly at lower heat settings.  The convection heating technique is employed by the Arizer Extreme Q. This indicates that giving your herb’s grind uniformity some attention is the greatest approach to enhance your vaping experience. It is ideal to have a medium-fine powder that is sparsely packed since this enables hot air to quickly permeate the whole cyclone bowl. As a result, the vapor becomes denser and stronger.


Whether you choose to incorporate the on-device controls or the remote control will determine how simple it is for you to use the Arizer Extreme Q. The model is very simple to use and produces perfect results thanks to the remote. The device’s basic controls, in contrast, are far more challenging to use. Make sure to store the remote in a location that is both accessible and unlikely to get misplaced. You won’t need to become an expert at any particular breathing methods if you decide to use the Arizer Extreme Q with a bag. It could take some practice to operate the vaporizer using a whip or water pipe, and it is one of the very few vape devices that supports all three draw types.

Safety tips:

Obey these safety tips at all times to guarantee a risk-free and pleasurable vaping experience:

  • While using, the Cyclone bowl will heat up quite a bit. To properly empty it, wait for it to cool enough before grabbing it by the black heat-resistant band.
  • When the device is in operation, all of the glass parts are warm. Never hold them or put them on a surface that isn’t heat-resistant.
  • Never immerse heated glass parts in cold water. This may break things.
  • Before touching, let the Extreme Q device totally cool down.
  • All glass parts should be handled cautiously. Put the parts together naturally. Move a stuck piece lightly to free it.
  • Different temperatures will result in the best vaporization for each herbal combination.
  • Always start vaping on a low setting and raise it as necessary.
  • Only use a level surface to use the Extreme Q.
  • Maintain constant access to Extreme Q’s bottom air inlet.
  • Keep the vaporizer out of reach of kids and animals.
  • To prevent breaking and damage, only use authorized accessories.
  • If not in use, switch off the Extreme Q.
  • If you notice any evidence of damage, as in any cracking or scratches, never use the vape until it has been fixed.
  • Keep the Extreme Q’s cables on level surfaces. They shouldn’t be let dangle over a table’s side.

Cleaning and Maintainance:

To maintain your Extreme Q in the greatest condition possible, you should clean it frequently. For the greatest results, remember to:

  • Always disconnect the device before cleaning it, and leave it to cool fully.
  • To clean glass parts, always use rubbing alcohol as well as a cotton swab or pipe cleaner.
  • After cleaning, wipe with hot water to get rid of any remaining vapors.
  • The housing and remote control may be cleaned with a basic wet towel or rag.
  • In case any material drops into the vaporizer, switch it off and flip it toward the ground. then gently shake out the lost materials.


In addition to being an inexpensive entry point into the field of desktop vaporizers, the Extreme Q offers fantastic value in every way. It gives a genuinely exceptional degree of vapor quality and is adaptable and reliable. With its cyclone bowl and whip mechanism, users may consume the dry herb in a simple and leisurely manner for lengthy, unwinding periods. The balloon system gives you an effortless method to share a strong vaping experience with many people if you desire to do so. Nevertheless, the remote is a useful tool for having total control of your session without having to constantly go to the device.Even though it has been around for a while, the Extreme Q is still a high-quality product that is well worth the price.