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How to Advertise Using Car Magnet Signs

Many businesses have been using their fleet of delivery vehicles for the promotion of their brand for quite a long time. The usual choice for such advertising is either stickers or car wraps. Though these have high durability, it can be more time-consuming, labor intensive, and expensive to change the adverts. But car magnet signs are more adaptable and are less difficult to use and maintain than decals and stickers. Moreover, these magnets offer the same value for your money. Hundreds of potential customers will easily spot a well-designed vehicle magnet, especially if the vehicles pass through high-traffic zones. If you have never used car magnet signs for advertising, then this article will guide you to do so.

Getting your vehicles ready

Car magnet signs are much larger than bumper stickers and can carry much bigger advertisements as they get easily stuck to both sides and the back of a vehicle. As they are very thin, you can stick and remove them whenever you like. You can get weather and UV-resistant magnets that last for a longer period. Before you attach them to the business vehicles, you must look for areas made of steel. Else, it will not adhere to car parts made of aluminum, fiberglass, or other non-steel materials. To get the best results, you must wash the cars with soap and water, dry them, and then get them waxed.

Design options to increase the effectiveness  

Large images and minimal text should be used on car magnet signs to get maximum visibility. As vehicles pass by quickly, it becomes difficult for the onlookers to read a sign fastened to the moving vehicles. A captivating call-to-action (CTA), your brand’s logo, and required contact information are sufficient. The less, the better! Too much info may ruin the design, and people may overlook the crucial message. As the space is limited, you must focus on portraying what you want your target audience to notice.


Your cars will need a wash from time to time. When the company vehicles go for a wash, you must make sure to remove the car signs, wash them, and then place them back on the car. If your company vehicles are not going to be running on the road for some time, it’s best to take them down and store them vertically in a dry, cold area after giving them a proper wash. Be careful

  • to take them down gently as rough handling may bend and crease them, making them unfit to be used again
  • not to keep the printed surface face down on the ground while cleaning them
  • to clean them with a mild soap mixture and wax
  • to use a lint-free soft cloth to dry the car magnet signs
  • to polish them before putting them back on the car surface


Advertising on vehicles is governed by laws and ordinances from numerous state and municipal governments. Some state rules would require you to purchase the necessary insurance coverage and have proper registration of the vehicles you are using for business purposes. So, if you intend to use such advertising modes, make sure to know the law of your state.