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How Many Followers Do You Need On Instagram To Get Blue Tick?

Getting verified on social media platforms brings a certain level of credibility to the account. It makes the account noticeable and establishes a relevance of the users to the content they produce. Most celebrities, influencers, and companies that are on Instagram have a blue badge next to their account name. It has become more of a status symbol that cannot be bought but everybody wants it.  So, if you were wondering how to get the blue badge and how many followers you need to get verified, this explainer has all the answers.

Do Number of Followers Even Matter?

In contrast to popular belief, the number of do not have a deciding role in getting the account verified on Instagram. It was revealed in a survey that about 73.4% of the accounts with million followers had verification badges. Accounts with following between 100,000 and a million had a verification rate of 22.4%. Lastly, the accounts with followers ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 had about 0.87% verifications. 

The statistics show that while the number of followers on Instagram plays a role, it is not a deciding factor. If it played a crucial part all the accounts with more than a certain number of followers would have a blue badge. But it is not the case. 

What Do You Need To Get Verified?

Instagram has rolled criteria for its users to get verified on the platform. Accounts that meet the mentioned guidelines and regulations can get verified following an application. The criteria are as follows:

1. Unique

Farhan Advani of Starlinkhow tells us “To get verified on Instagram an account has to be unique. You cannot have multiple accounts for the same business or an individual. The platform offers verification to multiple accounts if they are language specific but that is not the topic of this discussion. Furthermore, Instagram would not verify fan and non-specific accounts.”

2. Complete Profile

Jeff Bryce of Social Followers tells us “Instagram has made it clear that the profile needs to be complete which means the account must have a profile picture and bio in addition to being available to the public.  The platform also tells the users to be “active” but it has not specified what active means. You should take it as someone who uses the account regularly and posits content consistently.”

3. Authentic

Instagram requires certain documents to establish the authenticity of the person or business operating the account. You would have to come with some ID that is unique to you and your business. It helps the platform to detect counterfeit accounts and delete them.

4. Notable

Most accounts struggle with verification because of this criterion as it is very tough. Instagram defines a notable as an individual or business that is “highly searched for, well-known”. The platform screens the internet for the mentions of your name to understand if you are relevant. It will verify the account if different sources have mentioned the name of the account. However, the sources have to be credible. The paid PR campaigns do not work for Instagram verification.

Process To Get Verified On Instagram

Now that it is clear what is needed to get verified on Instagram, let’s discuss the actual process that has to be initiated after meeting all criteria.

Send The Request

Some social media platforms, TikTok for example, do not require an application to get verified. But the process is a bit different on Instagram as users themselves have to initiate the process by sending an application. You have to open the settings, go to “accounts” and select “request verification”.  

Add The Relevant Credentials

As the users send a request for verification Instagram pops up a new window that requires users to enter their credentials. You would have to enter the full name that is written on official documents. For business accounts, Instagram requires official registration documentation as well.

Users will also have to establish their notability by selecting their industry and the target audience. You must include all the names that are affiliated with your brands to increase the chances of verification. 

The last step is to add supporting links to establish the relevance of the account to the content it produces. You can add links to newspapers, research articles, and magazines that have your mention. Be mindful that these resources must be independent and have a certain level of credibility.

Submit Application

After providing all the required credentials, apply and wait for Instagram to respond. The platform typically takes 30 days to get back and sends a notification regarding the success or failure of the application.

Tips To Get Verified On Instagram

Enlisted below are some of the main tips and tricks to ensure blue tick verification. Once you use all tricks, the chances of getting blue tick on Instagram gets much high.

#1: Find a Niche

Find a suitable niche and stick to it without doing too many experiments. Instagram does not verify general accounts so exploring multiple niches can decrease the chances of verification.

#2: Post Something or the Other Regularly

Upload the content consistently and try to improve quality with every upload.

#3: Use Hashtags Appropriately

Add trending but relevant hashtags under the posts and use the trending medium of the platform. While creating reels, add music that is trending to increase the reach of the post. 

#4: Interact with Different Profiles of Your Niche

Interact with accounts within your niche. It increases organic followers which brings the users closer to acquiring the blue badge.

#5: Adhere to Guidelines

Adhere to the guidelines of the platform.

#6: Complete Profile and Don’t Miss Anything

Complete the documentation of the business and spend a budget on a marketing campaign to make the brand noticeable. It will get you mentioned in independent sources which will bring you closer to the verification.

#7: Use Enticing and Attractive Picture

Complete the profile with a picture that contains the logo of the business or a subtext that is affiliated with the brand. If the account is personal make sure the face is visible in the profile picture.

#8: Initiate the Application Yourself

Do not forget to initiate the application once all the criteria are met. Instagram does not verify the account on its own even if the account has everything it needs for verification.