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5 Best Street Food Places In Delhi

Delhi is not only the nation’s capital; it is also referred to as “little India.” India’s capital is split into two sections: one for the ordinary folk and another for the affluent and privileged. However, everyone enjoys eating, thus in this post we will cover the best restaurants in Delhi that serve cuisine for all socioeconomic groups. If you believe that Delhi’s street food consists of chaats, you couldn’t be more mistaken. Of all, the city is home to a number of amazing spots wherein Delhi chaats are offered. It’s just the beginning, though. Given how diverse this city is, you can get almost every type of cuisine there. If you don’t trust us, read on and let the best Delhi Street food joints speak for themselves.

Top 5 Street Food Places in Delhi – Hunger Lingers!

1. Dominos Pizza

The delivery/carryout restaurant franchise Domino’s Pizza serves mouthwatering and delectable food to its clients, including a variety of pizzas and other delights. A variety of vegetarian pizzas are offered by their staff, and they are noticeably softer and tastier. Domino’s Pizza has several bhj locations in New Delhi as well. At Domino’s Pizza, takeout and online ordering options are also available. Buy gift cards and give them to your family as a surprise. Enjoy this distinctive 100% veggie pizza with a 100% chicken flavor. Their Unimaginable Pizza is packed with Plant-Based Protein topping, together with Black Olives & Red Paprika. Consider trying their Veg Extravaganza, which includes black olives, pepper, onions, grilled mushroom, corn, tomatoes, jalapeño, and more cheese. And by ordering using Dominos coupons available at PaisaWapas, you can avail special discounts and cashback offers.

2. Chache Di Hatti, Kamla Nagar

Chache di Hatti is among the oldest eateries in the centre of Delhi University’s north campus and is riding high on ratings that even put 5-star establishments to shame. They are renowned on Delhi School’s North Campus for offering the best chole bhature. You’re going to drool over the stuffed, melt-in-your-mouth bhaturas, perfectly spiced chhole, and unique pickled salad. However, there is a significant wait to be served, often up to an hour, before receiving one’s own piece of heaven. Be sure to get there quickly since this Delhi food stand sells out every day before noon! And if you can visit the store, you can always order it from zomato and use Zomato coupon code and avail huge discounts and offers.

3. Roshan ki Kulfi, Karol Bagh

Without eating the traditional brunch at Roshan ki Kulfi, shopping in the bustling bazaar of Karol Bagh would be incomplete. No prizes for guessing what the restaurant’s specialty is—the kulfi-faluda, which is especially welcome in Delhi’s oppressive heat. One of Delhi’s greatest kulfis is served there. The other popular dish in Delhi is chole bhature, which is often served with a tall tumbler of lassi. They are well reputed that they are also listed on Zomato.

4. Odeon/Shukla Pan Shop, Connaught Place

Shukla Pan Shop, so named because it is situated just next to the opulent Odeon theatre in Connaught Place, is likely the only establishment that can rival Prince. Chuski pans are this restaurant’s most well-known specialty; if you’re scared that the syrup will stain your hands, don’t be. The paan is crammed full of syrupy ice into your mouth to give them the most delicious brain freeze. The little business, which is crowded with city paan enthusiasts, also offers diet paan for those who are watching their calories.

5. Atul Chaat, Rajouri Garden

What was once a routine store lost among Rajouri Garden Market’s shopping alleyways is now an icon for Delhi food stalls fans. Although aloo chaat and tikki are the most well-liked snacks, Atul Chaat is famous for its gol gappas because of their enormous size. Since the establishment of this no-frills restaurant, the cuisine has been the sole attraction. Visit this well-known Delhi food stand for a fast, inexpensive, and delicious bite. And if you can’t visit, you can always order it from Zomato.


Delhi, India’s ancient capital, is a culinary haven. Delhi, or even as we affectionately refer to it, “Dilli,” can make your head explode in all directions, from local cuisine to exotic cuisines. You may either let your mojo take over and indulge in the delectable flavours of Delhi’s street cuisine, or you can experience standard (boring & uninteresting) wine and dining. If you are looking to get a free dominos pizza, check out domino’s free pizza code available at PaisaWapas and apply it during checkout.

Delhi is delightful in a variety of ways, but the street food scene in the sprawling metropolis is something else completely. You shouldn’t be shocked to pick between Middle Eastern dishes brought by Mughals and Punjabi delicacies from Pakistan, with other alternatives in between, when dining in the Indian capital because its diversity is fully and completely on display in its culinary scene. Delhi is one of the world’s culinary capitals as a result of these wonderful cultural fusions.