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Hiring a criminal lawyer in Massachusetts: An easy guide

Whether you are facing rape or OUI charges in Massachusetts, you should focus on your defense. While you may be aware of your rights, defending criminal charges takes considerable work, experience, and effort. A criminal lawyer can be your trusted aide when dealing with difficult circumstances. You can click here to schedule an appointment with a top law firm. If you are wondering what it takes to find a lawyer for your criminal defense, we have a simplified guide below for your help.

1. Look for an immediate response. Many aspects of a criminal case are time-sensitive, and you need a lawyer who can start working immediately. While law firms often deal with numerous matters at once, the lawyers should be able to provide the assistance you need.

2. Check specialization. Does the lawyer have experience working on similar criminal cases? What are their areas of specialization? Criminal law covers a wide range of charges, and you need someone with an extensive profile to their credit.

3. Experience in local courts. Each local court in Massachusetts works in a certain way, and lawyers are expected to know the basics. Also, a local lawyer will know the court staff, judges, and other people who are relevant to the case, which could be beneficial in many situations.

4. Check reviews. What are other clients saying about a criminal law firm? You can find reviews and testimonials on social media handles, search engines, and relevant legal websites. Ensure that you hire an attorney who has positive feedback from most corners.

5. Find more about the fee structure. A criminal defense lawyer will usually ask for an hourly rate, but there could be other expenses that you may need to pay for, and it is best to have an estimate. Ensure that you understand the contract, which should not have room for unexplained add-ons.

6. Ask about trial experience. You need someone who can be aggressive in the courtroom and has extensive trial exposure. Ask the attorney if they have been to trial for similar matters and how they plan to defend your case.

7. Consider communication skills. Did the lawyer answer your questions? Were they quick to offer a contact number? Did they give you other details of their office or staff members so that you can get an update?

Get a criminal defense lawyer soon after your arrest to maximize the use of time for such uncertain and stressful circumstances.