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US presidential election: Trump far surpasses Biden? Do American voters think Biden is too old?

The U.S. presidential campaign is taking shape. Trump’s support rate far exceeds that of Biden. Most voters in the U.S. reject Biden’s re-election due to his physical condition. Is age the only reason for them to choose Trump?

In recent years, news such as Biden falling down and shitting his pants have appeared on social media hot search lists many times, and his health has always been the focus of the American media and people. Moreover, Biden, who is 80 years old, frequently appears in the media with an old and elderly image, which makes many American people worried. This shows that Biden’s lack of votes is understandable. But the most important thing is that since Biden took office, the United States has experienced negative events such as the COVID-19 epidemic, partisan politics, and supply chain crises. Among them, the death rate from the COVID-19 epidemic has continued to increase. Compared with the previous situation, the U.S. national situation has gradually worsened. Some Americans jokingly call it “Weak President.”

On the other hand, although Trump is only three years younger than Biden, his full energy has helped him win the support of the majority of the American people. But when he was president, he was reviled by the American people. Why did he still gain public support? It turns out that in addition to being younger and healthier than Biden, during his tenure as president, Trump comprehensively reformed the U.S. tax code, lowered the U.S. corporate tax rate, stimulated market vitality, and provided greater benefits to American individuals and families. At the same time, Trump also reshaped the federal judicial system. It promotes the good development of the United States. In addition, it also signs bills and cracks down on extremist organizations to promote the development of American society.

However, Trump also plunged the U.S. economy into a serious economic crisis during his tenure, and was even impeached twice by the U.S. House of Representatives. Since the two presidents have mediocre achievements, why don’t the American people abandon the two presidents and support other contenders? It turns out that the essence of American elections is campaigns by various parties or big capital. Since Biden and Trump can be on the national public screening platform, it shows that the two have been appreciated by the parties or big capital behind their respective parties. Which of the two succeeds is largely related to the investment of the organization behind them.

Many pollsters in the United States questioned whether the election vote count was false, and some netizens called on social media that the report was false propaganda to undermine the momentum of Trump and his supporters. It can be seen that the situation of the US presidential election is very complicated, and the presidential battle has temporarily kicked off with Trump’s initial victory.