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Different types of hair used in human hair wigs:

We all love to flaunt our natural-looking wig or extension but the options are quite overwhelming. Different types of hair fibers are used in human hair wigs and without some knowledge you just can’t figure out which one is better for you to buy. Well, it’s a pricey investment so one must know some bits of information about those wigs. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss different types of natural hair fibers used in manufacturing human hair wigs or extensions and the difference between them. So don’t go anywhere and read further.

There are certain types of human hair such as virgin, Remy, non-Remy, and yaki hair. All these types are manufactured from human hair but that doesn’t mean they are the same at all.  The manufacturing processes of all the types are different from each other.

What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is 100% natural human hair collected from a single donor’s ponytail (one person) and this is what makes it the most expensive one. Virgin hair as the name indicates has never been chemically treated, dyed or permed. Since there is no damage to the strands, virgin human hair tends to be stronger and lasts longer than other types of human hair.

Virgin hair is collected and then stored in a much kinder way just to prolong its shelf life. After collecting, the hair is hand washed and lightened in a low bleach water solution over several weeks so as not to destroy the cuticle keeping the hair integrity intact. In this way, it will maintain its natural moisture and thus will remain silky, soft, and shiny.

Manufacturers in the hair industry usually source them from China, India, Russia, and Vietnam. It’s quite harder to collect virgin hair that has never been exposed to toxic chemicals or dyed because the donations are limited and that’s why this type is the most expensive one. They can last from 1-2 years roughly because their cuticle is also intact and the hair is odorless.

What is 100% human hair?

This type of hair also called non-Remy hair is any type of hair from the human scalp that usually comes from the floor of a hair salon, your hairbrush, or even in the trash.

The extension process is a bit different from virgin hair. As human hair is collected freely which means all the cuticles are in different directions. To tackle this problem, all the hair is introduced into the acid bath. As a result, all the cuticle is removed from the hair shaft due to the strong acid and after that, it is chemically processed by dipping into the silicone.

This silicone makes the hair shiny and silky but eventually loses its softness after a couple of washes. This ultimately leads to dull, lifeless, and matted hair that tangles easily. Human hair typically lasts up to 3 months and has a strong chemical odor.

What is Remy hair?

This hair is collected from several human ponytails where the cuticle is still intact and in one direction. Remy hair is one of the finest hair and is considered the best of the best. Because they are processed with extreme care, this makes them luxury hair.

After mixing the natural hair from multiple donors, Remy hair goes through little processing to preserve its natural beauty and of course the quality. They are neither introduced to the acid bath nor dipped in silicone to maintain the integrity of the hair. That’s why they don’t get matted and are less prone to tangling.

Due to their high quality, they can be easily dyed, permed, or exposed to hot hair tools but not too much. Remy hair with proper care and maintenance can last up to 1 year easily.

What is Yaki hair?

If we talk about yaki hair, this type of hair refers to the actual texture of the strand, not the grade. Yaki hair is most commonly described as Afro Caribbean hair with a natural-looking kink.

How this kink is achieved, by undergoing just a steaming process with water that imitates the look of natural hair. Every single strand has waves that provide the overall texture to hair. you can get the yaki treatment on virgin, Remy, non-Remy even on synthetic hair as well.

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