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Cleaning in East London

If you’re in East London, Cleaning Express has all of the cleaning services you need. From regular domestic cleaning to the most comprehensive deep clean for commercial properties, we have it all. Cleaning Express also has the best and most well-trained cleaners in London too. Let’s dive into some of our cleaning sessions and then take a look at the core values of Cleaning Express, shall we?

Regular domestic cleaning in East London

These cleaning sessions are perfect if you need a bit of help around the house with the daily cleaning tasks. One of our cleaners can come to your home for an hour or two every week or two and do the weekly cleaning chores you don’t have time to do.

Of course, these cleaning sessions are totally customisable every week. If you’d like one of our cleaners to come to your home and do the same cleaning tasks week in week out, they will. Or, if you’d like to set them cleaning tasks each week, they will. Given enough notice, our cleaners can change the days and times they come to your home too. So, while we call these regular domestic cleaning sessions, there’s nothing ‘regular’ about them. No other cleaning company in London offers the flexibility and customisation options that we do when it comes to any of our cleaning sessions.

End of tenancy cleaning in East London

End of tenancy cleaning sessions are much more involved than regular domestic cleaning. It is much like a deep clean; only our cleaners use a checklist. During these cleans, every inch of the rented property is cleaned, including all commonly missed areas like inside cupboards and behind the toilet.

After an end of tenancy cleaning, a supervisor will go around your property and ensure that all areas on the checklist have been ticked off. We use the same checklist as landlords and estate agents across London. This ensures that when you hand back your keys, the landlord can rent the property straight away, and you receive your entire deposit back too.

Now, end of tenancy cleaning sessions are our least customisable cleaning service. This is because we must follow the cleaning checklist in order to do the job properly. However, additional services can be included, things like carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning if needed to ensure the entire property is perfect for you and the landlord.

Office cleaning in East London

Next up, we have one of the most popular cleaning sessions: office cleaning. Office cleaning is an important business because it keeps your staff safe and allows them to work in a fresh and clean environment. Plus, a clean office is a sign to your customers that you pay attention to the smaller details.

Just like our regular domestic cleaning sessions, these are totally customisable to suit your needs. We can clean the entire office, focus on communal areas or just one area; it’s up to you. You set the time of day at which we come to your office. This is perfect if you’d like us to clean the office without disturbing your staff.

Who are Cleaning Express – our core values

Cleaning Express was founded on the belief in high-quality cleaning. This is why we pay our cleaners a good wage (the London Living Wage) and offer bonuses for a good job well done. This benefits us and our cleaners. Firstly, for our cleaners, it means they don’t need to work more than one job to survive. So, they can focus on cleaning and enjoy it without any external stress or pressure. For us, we have cleaners that enjoy their jobs, but we can also attract highly-skilled cleaners who don’t need as much training to reach our high standards.

Speaking of training, no matter how much experience a cleaner has, we provide full training to all of our cleaners. We make sure they can use all cleaning products and equipment safely and have the knowledge to tackle any cleaning situation they may come across during their day. So, our cleaners clean to a very high standard, can also help with stubborn stains and know how to clean as efficiently as possible. This means that during a two-hour cleaning session, our cleaners can get more done for you.

We care about our cleaners and our customers. This is why we are fully insured to cover any accidents on the job. Plus, if a cleaner is off ill or on holiday, we can provide a replacement cleaner without you missing your appointment.

To find out more about Cleaning Express’ core values and our many other cleaning services, please explore our website. We also have a call centre based in London. The Cleaning Express call centre can provide accurate quotes and recommend cleaners in East London and beyond for your situation.