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How to earn passive income from blogging?

The trend of passive income has become popular in recent years since passive income allows you to enjoy more financial freedom. Have you ever thought of making money while sleeping?  Well, you can actually make a lot of money while sleeping. This has become reality so, you don’t have to think that it is rubbish. Blogging is one of the effective passive income ideas to make money online.

However, passive income is related to that money which you don’t get by working daily on a particular thing but through consistent efforts for a period and then if you don’t actively work on it, you still earn money. Therefore, Blogging can act as an auto-pilot when established so you will earn money even when you are not working. In this article, I will share the methods of earning from blogging and how effectively it works. So, let’s get straight into this.

Is running a blog passive income?

Yes! blogging can help you earn passive money so when the bloggers don’t actively work on their blog, it works like an autopilot which automatically generates revenue for them. This is simple to understand, that your assets work for you. You just make effort every single time and enjoy the rest of your life. So, investing your time, energy and little a bit of money in passive sources like blogging is worthwhile and pays you well in the long run. Since the business model of blogs is designed so that they only need traffic at once and from the day they get traffic, the earning cycle starts and doesn’t stop. Starting a blog as a passive source will surely be worth investing.

Do bloggers get paid monthly?

It depends on the business model of the blog on which it works, whether a subscription model or paid membership model. Both models are great for earning money which usually collects money on a monthly or yearly basis. If your blog is registered for google absence or other networks then, you will get paid monthly. Although there are a lot of ways of earning from a blog which includes most importantly affiliate marketing and guest blogging etc.

Is there a demand for blogs in 2022?

This is one of the most frequently asked on the internet and the factual answer is there are 400 million internet users across the globe who visit 20 billion blogs each month. Now, you can imagine how potential a market it is to dig deep and earn a living. Since most marketing companies use blogging tools for marketing their products and brand awareness among the people. So, yes blogging is still profitable and worth investing to get well-paid in the long run.


How does blogging as passive income work?

This is an interesting working model which is quite different from others. Firstly you need to understand that in the passive income you don’t get paid at the start monthly or for the hours you work. You get paid for the efforts you put into something which don’t require any limited working hours.

For instance, in freelancing, you generally get paid per project or per hour. But passive money-making is different, As you started a blog, so you won’t start earning money on your first day, it will take time and when you start getting traffic on your blog you ultimately start earning money. In this earning process, you will not work each day for 5 hours, you will work as per your convenience and routine. This is how blogging works as passive income works.

Best blogging passive income ideas in 2022:

These are the time-tested and reliable blogging earning ideas that you implement on your blog to see the real-time magic.

Selling your digital products:

This is one of the best passive income streams to implement on your blog. Launching digital products can be highly effective for you to boost your income from the blog. Now, when it comes to hearing about digital products, people get confused about thinking about digital products.

What are called digital products? So in simple words, digital products are your own produce products which include, paid courses, e-books, training, physical appearances at events and other things.

You are already getting traffic on your blog and this may be a great way to keep engaging the traffic on your site by offering them multiple services so they stick with you. Additionally, you can have institutes with your brand name and offer your members physical classes or organize different types of paid events which will help escalate your income.

Affiliate marketing:

This is another top passive income tool to use for your blogging income. Affiliate marketing tool is a widely recognized and profitable tool, especially when used with blogging. Since is still a major marketing tool for brands to get their products recognised in public.

There are lots of affiliate marketing programs in the market but the leading safe and profitable program is amazon affiliate. This is convenient and profitable in terms of commission rates. You can earn money from affiliate marketing by writing blog posts containing affiliate links. So, whenever someone clicks on that link and purchases a product, you will receive a commission rate on each product and depending upon the price of the product it increases.

If you want to be successful at earning from affiliate programs, you will need to select a certain class of products by keeping in your mind the audience’s interests. Your success in this case will depend on the audience’s interests.

Join diverse ad networks:

Gone are the days when Google’s AdSense was the only ad network on the internet. As of 2022, there are hundreds of different ad networks that you can get registered in and enjoy ad revenue. Ad companies like Ezoic, Adroll, Amazon, Infolinks, Dianomi and many others are much more profitable than google Adsense and moreover, they play an instrumental role in the better SEO ranking of the website on different search engines.

Your blog should have quality content and the required amount of traffic to get registered for the ad network. Bloggers who use only the ads on their websites, easily earn thousands of dollars a month without any affiliate program.

You need to keep in your mind that you don’t have to be rigid while doing all these things. Try each thing and see the results. If you even get failed, don’t worry that will be considered a part of your learning. Don’t be scared of taking risks since risks can make you the luckiest person on this planet.