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Creative Custom Products That Will Improve Your Brand Awareness

What do you say in your purchase request for a flying disc? I suppose you say frisbee the majority of the time. Similarly, when you need potato chips, you ask for lays. Have you wondered why these products are not called by their actual name but by brand name? This is the strength of brand awareness, then. Any firm must have a strong brand name to be successful. According to a survey, more than 70% of global customers prefer branded products over non-branded ones. Though it is pretty challenging for small businesses to build such a strong brand there are several ways to improve your brand awareness.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is a marketing word that refers to how familiar your target market is with your company’s name, logo, goods, or services. A brand is the heart and soul of a successful business. Brand awareness helps to build the eponym status. It measures how well the customer can recognize or distinguish your brand or product from others. Brand recognition, brand recall, and top-of-mind awareness are different types of brand awareness.

Importance of Brand Awareness

Every firm must have a strong brand to succeed. Both consumer loyalty and sales and revenue are boosted by it. It is the first step towards marketing and base to gaining customers. For example, you can see how successful brands like Nike, lays, apple, etc are. Brand awareness is important to all kinds of businesses because it is advantageous from every perspective.

  • It helps to increase market share and sales.
  • Helps to explore and extend towards new channels.
  • It helps to strengthen the positive brand perception and gain loyal customers.
  • It also helps in creating a network and association with a wider reach.

How To Increase Brand Awareness?

As you understand the need for brand awareness, you should now focus on how you can increase brand awareness for your own company. There are various strategies to boost brand awareness. You can advertise on billboards and banners. However, this method is expensive and not effective. If you own a small business and you’re budget is limited then you should focus on a referral program, partnership, collaboration, creative custom products, digital marketing, or paid advertising across digital platforms. Among all of these promotional products are the most powerful as well as cost-effective ones.

What are creative custom products?

A creative custom product is one that can be customized with your company’s name, slogan, logo, or any other brand-related clipart. Products that are often used in daily life can typically be customized. For example water bottles, sunglasses, tote bags, custom koozies, etc.

How do custom products help to increase brand awareness?

Building a strong brand and gaining customer loyalty is not an easy feat. It needs a lot of investment, effort, and dedication. Creative custom products or promotional merchandise can reduce your budget and effort efforts up to some extent. The company entity gives out personalized things as prizes to consumers, viewers, and employees for marketing, sales, and advertising purposes. They help to reach the relevant or targeted audience at minimum cost and effort. The trend, regular uses, global reach, and popularity of promotional products help to expose your brand to a wider range.

Some Creative Custom Products That Will Improve Your Brand Awareness

Creative custom products or promotional products are truly effective for marketing purposes. However, you should know which products are more popular and best suited for your brand. Choosing the right product to promote your brand is as crucial as creating the campaign. Let’s see some of the powerful as well as popular creative custom products to improve brand awareness.

1. Tote Bags

Tote bags are commonly used to carry a lot of goods while shopping. It is one of the most useful accessories in our daily life. The tote bag is simple to personalize with your company’s name, slogan, or emblem. Many individuals will see the bag every time they go shopping. Without a doubt, this will aid in raising brand awareness. Women use various fashionable tote bags for purposes other than just shopping.

2. Pens

One of the widely used accessories in our daily life is the pen. Whichever sector it is either educational, health, manufacturing or any other, a pen is a must. Rather than using a simple pen if you personalize it with a meaningful purpose, it becomes a marketing tool. This will helps to recognize your brand to many people who use it.

3. T-shirts

The wearable is one of the most popular creative custom products for a marketing campaign. These products remain with the consumer most of the time. Every time they see it they will notice the imprint of your brand and they will recall it. Not only this, but when the customer will go out wearing it more people will also see it. You can also give away the custom t-shirts to volunteers for more exposure. It will have an impression on people’s minds.

4. Tumbler and Cups

Drinkware is everywhere from homes to hotels to offices. It is best to customize them for benefit of your business. Whenever the customer takes a sip of a drink they will notice the logo or name of your brand. They will be curious to know about it and eventually it help improve brand awareness.

5. Water Bottles

From children to old age, from home to a big company water bottles are widely used to drink water. Customizing such a needful item with your company’s logo or name will surely help to reach a more audience. Wider the reach means enhancing brand awareness.

6. Hats

Hats are the powerhouse in the promotional industry. It is used in summer by most people, especially by travelers and workers.  They are worn outdoors and therefore get exposure to a different audience. Make the hat unique and printed to increase brand recognition and generate more impressions.

7. Sunglasses

Do you know the first thing people notice about others while seeing is their eyes? Therefore sunglasses can be the perfect accessory utilized for promoting the brand. They are budget-friendly and fit the people of every genus. You can customize the sunglasses with a logo to have an impression on the consumers as well as the viewers.

To Summarize

A marketing campaign needs to be budget-friendly as well as effective. Whether it’s you or someone else you shouldn’t waste your hard-earned money on items that give less return. The durability, long life, budget, wider reach, and staying power of creative custom products make them perfect for improving your brand awareness. We hope the information in our guide will help you to choose the perfect custom product to promote your business or product.