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Cheapest Yet Genuine Windows 10 & Office 2021 – Limited Time Offer

Let’s get it out there: we all want licensed Windows to enjoy exclusive benefits but the official license is pretty expensive.

So, what’s a way around it? Can you find licensed Windows at an affordable price, followed by the Office 2021 software (optional)?

Well, that’s where Keysfan comes in. It offers licensed Windows 10 at $7.43 and the latest genuine Office 2021 is only $27.36 to make it within the reach of most users. More big surprises can be explored at its Ms Office Super Sale. What’s more, you’ll be able to upgrade to Windows 11 free of cost and get lifetime after-sale support.

Keep on reading to find out why you should go for a licensed Windows 10 operating system and how you can avail the affordable Windows 10 Keysfan offering.

Why You Need Windows 10 for Your Computer

Here we’ll look at the top reasons why having Windows 10 on your computer is worth it.

Extensive Worldwide Use

Data reveals that Windows 10 and Windows 11 are installed on over 1.4 billion computers worldwide. There are certain reasons behind its huge user base – like Microsoft’s never-ending support, ransomware protection, safe web browsing, stability, and much more. Since Windows is the most used personal computer operating system worldwide, it’s highly trustable, authoritative, and stable.


Windows offers a convenient graphical interface for users to operate their computers and solve their everyday problems. This interface is easy-to-understand, even for users who have never used a computer before. What’s more, the interfaces of the different recent versions of Windows (including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11) are typical. So, users have little to no difficulty upgrading to a more recent version of Windows.

Effective Productivity Features

Microsoft consistently optimizes its programs for productivity, including the core Windows operating system. For instance, the company has added the Cortana voice control feature to allow users to quickly perform operations like scheduling tasks on the calendar without touching their computer.

The taskbar is yet another significant addition, providing users with quick access to their favorite apps. Other than that, various task views let you monitor all the apps, Windows, and desktops running on your computer for quick navigation.

Improved Synchronization

Windows has improved its synchronization features over time and now offers top-tier synchronization across all your devices. It syncs a variety of data including settings, virus protection preferences, file history, and more.

The inclusion of OneDrive is yet another notifiable addition – allowing you to back up all your important data to secure cloud storage that you can access from any of your devices. The 5 GB storage included for free with OneDrive is mostly enough for storing your crucial files.

Top-Tier Microsoft Office Support

As both Office 2021 and Windows 10 belong to Microsoft, the company has gone the extra mile to make these programs work as seamlessly together as possible. In fact, Microsoft Office is among the main reasons behind the large fan base of Windows as most office workers prefer Windows systems for running Microsoft Office programs.

And, we cannot rule out that the Office 2021 suite is a standout way to create, maintain, and store documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and much more. Though the Microsoft Office suite has had many alternatives like Apple’s iWork, none of those programs has ever matched the functionality offered by Office programs.

What’s more, you can easily back up your files created with the Office Suite into your OneDrive storage, and rest assured you can access them in the same form from your Windows laptop, tablet, or another device.

Time to Claim Your Cheap Yet Licensed Windows 10 & Office 2021!

Now that you know how pairing up official Windows on your computer with an official Microsoft Office suite can create a perfect workstation for you, it’s time to get them without paying a fortune. At Keysfan, are offering a crazy discount for a limited time – you can get Windows 10 for as low as $6.14 and Office 2021 for $14.13/PC by ordering more items. Don’t hesitate to claim official Windows 10 or Office 2021 (or both) today!

What’s more, you’ll get free after-sale support from Keysfan for life!