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Brewery Tours Margaret River – The Region’s Most Epic Private Tours

MARGARET RIVER, WA – 4th September 2023 – The Margaret River Experience WA (MREWA) is excited to announce that Jye has returned from a much-deserved break in Italy and is ready to once again deliver the best Margaret River tours available. His five-star rated winery and brewery tours promise food and drink enthusiasts and tourists an unforgettable journey through Margaret River’s vibrant wine and craft beer scene. With a mission to provide a unique and immersive private tour experience, The MREWA’s tours are the go-to option for tourists exploring the region’s rich heritage.


Located in the heart of Western Australia’s renowned Margaret River region, The MREWA has long been recognised for its commitment to showcasing the best local wine and craft beer. 


Key highlights of The MREWA include: 


Customised Winery & Brewery Tours

Guests can choose from a range of tour packages, from half-day adventures to multi-day experiences, allowing them to explore a selection of Margaret River’s top breweries, distilleries, and cider houses.


Exclusive Access

The MREWA has established strong relationships with the region’s breweries and wineries, granting guests exclusive access to behind-the-scenes tours, tastings, and interactions with the master brewers, winemakers and distillers. 


Scenic Locations

Margaret River is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, and The MREWA incorporates scenic stops along the way, ensuring guests can appreciate the region’s natural beauty.


Educational Experiences

For those interested in the art and science of brewing, the brewery tours provide a comprehensive education on the brewing process, the history of the breweries, and the different beer styles on offer.


Transportation and Tastings

Guests can relax and enjoy the tour with provided transportation between locations and generous tastings and food pairings at each stop.



The company is committed to sustainable tourism practices and works closely with the local community to support responsible brewery tours.


To book an unforgettable brewery tour experience in Margaret River, visit https://themrewa.com.au/brewery-tours-margaret-river/.


“We are delighted to return from a family holiday in Italy, refreshed and ready to entertain our guests once more,” said Jye, owner of The MREWA. “We aim to create fun and memorable experiences celebrating what the world-renowned Margaret River region offers. We look forward to welcoming guests to Margaret River’s premier winery and brewery tours.”


About The MREWA Margaret River Tours

The MREWA is the leading tour operator in Margaret River, Western Australia. With a commitment to providing tailored and memorable experiences, they offer a variety of private tour packages that showcase the region’s vibrant wine and craft beer scene, distilleries, and local attractions. Their dedication to sustainable tourism and partnerships with local breweries make them the ultimate choice for Margaret River distillery, brewery and winery tours.