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6 Signs you’re About To Fall Victim to A Solar Panel Scam In 2023

As the world continues to battle climate change, more and more people are turning to solar energy for their electricity needs. While solar energy is an excellent option for sustainable energy production, it can also attract fraudulent activity from those looking to take advantage of unsuspecting people. 

By following these 6 RGV Solar Alliance key signs, you can avoid being taken advantage of by dishonest operators.

Solar panel scams are rising, and you need to be aware of them if you want to keep your money safe. This article will outline some of the most common signs that indicate a solar panel scam is in progress.

  1. The Price Is Too Good To Be True

When investing in solar panels, it’s essential to be aware of potential scams. In 2023, one of the most significant signs of a possible scam is if the price is too reasonable to be true. Be wary of any offer that seems too cheap compared to other quotes, as it could signify that the promised products or services need to be revised.

Additionally, look for reviews from previous customers and ask for references from the seller. Make sure you do your due diligence and research the company before investing in solar panels.

  1. The Company Support Speaks Poorly 

Consumers should be aware of solar panel scams that involve companies speaking poorly of their competition. This could be a sign that the company is trying to take advantage of the customer. It is essential to research and ensure the company you are considering has a good reputation and is well-reviewed by other customers.

If a company speaks negatively about its competitors, it could mean they are not offering the best deals or quality products. Be sure to ask the company questions and get multiple quotes before making any decisions.

  1. They Offer You a Discount 

As the popularity of solar energy continues to rise, it is essential to be aware of potential scams. When a company offers you a discount for signing up for solar panels now instead of later, it is necessary to be cautious.

Check the company’s reputation, read customer reviews, and compare prices with other providers. Additionally, read the fine print of any contract you are offered and ask questions about any unclear aspects. Taking these precautions can help you avoid solar panel scams.

  1. No Reviews On The Company or Product

The lack of reviews on a company or development should raise a red flag and cause concern. Do your due diligence and read any available customer reviews, check out the Better Business Bureau, or consult with experts in the field of solar energy to ensure that you are working with a legitimate business. Taking these steps will help you avoid any potential solar panel scams.

  1. They Make Claims That Cannot Prove

In the rapidly growing solar panel industry, it can be difficult to tell which companies are legitimate and which are scams. As technology advances, it is essential for consumers to be aware of the potential for scams and to look for warning signs. One typical tactic scam artists use is making claims that have not been scientifically proven.

These claims may seem appealing but should be met with suspicion, as reputable companies will never make promises that scientific data cannot back up. 

  1. They Make Claims About Being Greener Than Others

When shopping for solar panels, it is essential to be aware of any claims made by companies suggesting their products are greener than those of competitors. Buyers should look for certifications from the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation or the solar foundation to ensure independent third-party certifications back the panels they are considering. Additionally, buyers should ask for proof of performance and warranties before purchasing any solar panels.


In conclusion, it is important to be aware of the threats of solar panel scams in McAllen tx, in 2023. As discussed in this article, educating yourself about the signs of such scams can help you protect your hard-earned money and safeguard your home from fraudsters. Only sign contracts by doing your due diligence and researching the company and its background. Ask for references and compare quotes from multiple companies before settling on one.