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Best TikTok Brand Collaborations And Why They Work

What exactly do TikTok brand collaborations imply?

TikTok brand cooperation refers to an advertising partnership between a brand and a TikTok creator. Their goal is to introduce their brand to consumers and offer their products and services to them. They do this by utilising TikTok influencer marketing services. First, they choose TikTok producers that fit their niche, agree to collaborate with them, and begin promoting postings, also for collaboration lookover here and make use of it.

What Are the Best TikTok Brand Collaborations and Why Do They Work?

You’re not alone if you’ve purchased anything you saw on TikTok; half of all TikTok users have purchased from brands they discovered on the app. With this in mind, astute firms collaborate with creators or similar enterprises to attract new audiences, enhance engagement, and drive sales.

Scrub Daddy x Duolingo:

Scrub Daddy, the joyful face-shaped dish scrubber, is a language-learning software best recognized for its random material, as is Duolingo. The brands recently collaborated to embrace the turmoil together. The original video on Scrub Daddy’s account had 1.1 million views, but the report on Duolingo’s has 3.1 million.

Erica Maria x Alleyoop:

Alleyoop, a business, won one of its most amazing TikTok brand collaborations by employing a tried-and-true strategy: creator gifting. After receiving and testing various Alleyoop products, Erica Marie, a cosmetic artist, and TikTok micro-influencer, developed this video expressing her passion for their best-selling 3-in-1 stackable compact:

The final film is an excellent example of an influencer collaboration that also serves as a real user testimonial. Hosting a giveaway is one of the most efficient strategies to increase social media engagement. People adore giveaways and will comment on your article, tag their friends, and follow you to get entered to win. What could be better than a single giveaway? A group effort! That is what cereal manufacturer Magic Spoon accomplished recently with the coffee brand Super Coffee. While the video received around the same amount of likes as Magic Spoon’s previous TikTok material, the comments were off the charts – a 364% increase over their typical uploads!

AbenaKusi x Supergoop:

Putting on sunscreen is more of a necessity than a joyful affair for most people. So when the sun care brand Supergoop collaborates with TikTok producers to make everyday SPF applications enjoyable, we pay notice. Supergoop’s TikTok collaborations, such as this one with AbenaKusi, are all about telling people what their product accomplishes and how it makes them feel.

Best TikTok brand partnerships:

For your convenience, here are some examples of the best TikTok brand collaborations.Takis partnered with Charli D’Amelio, the world’s most renowned TikTok creator, in August 2021. Carli has nearly customised the brand by matching her make-up to the colour product. The films were accompanied by the hashtags #takispartner and #takistransformation. The campaign had 19.2 million views and 3 million likes.

Khaby Lame x Hugo Boss:

In January 2022, Khaby Lame, the second-most followed TikTok celebrity, secured a partnership with the renowned fashion label Hugo Boss. This partnership came after Lamen get included in Forbes in an article titled Top TikTok Creators of 2022. The films, which use the hashtag #BeYourOwnBOSS, are intended for Millennials and Gen Zers. In two weeks, a video featuring Khaby received over 6 million views.