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9 Ways To Balance Family and Lifestyle Goals

Ah, a balanced life. Everybody has heard of this lofty goal—and perhaps even knows someone who has achieved it. It’s an enviable idea in which work, family, and self are all well-balanced. Ideally, your job is satisfying, and you have time for exercise, hobbies, family, and sleep. Does that balance seem attainable, or does it feel utterly impossible?

Most of us lack balance in our lives because we cannot equally divide our energy between everything that needs our attention. When your family needs your attention, your work may suffer. And on the contrary, families can suffer due to work demands. Inevitably, when work and family compete for your attention, our balance is thrown off to the detriment of our overall wellness.

Continue reading as we let you in on some of the best products and services to help you maintain personal wellness, lighten up your workload, and balance hobbies, family, and self-care, ultimately leading to a happier, healthier you. You may be surprised by how simple yet effective these solutions can be.

1. Create Life-Long Memories With UFC Tickets From TickPick

Life is short, and we all want to look back on memories that fulfill and delight us. There’s one type of event that was built beyond limitation. It was built to satisfy every emotion, competitive urge, and primitive need; to make us feel as though we were actually taking part in this physically demanding sport.

Unlike anything else, this event was made to be experienced live—this phenomenon is known as the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Few things compare to the overall camaraderie you feel while seated with fellow UFC fans. There’s no denying that crowd participation at UFC events never disappoints, whether it’s round-by-round chants, fight-by-fight reactions, or humorous commentary. Experiences unquestionably enrich our lives, so take your family out for a night to remember and purchase UFC tickets from TickPick today! Their seamless purchase interface and BestPrice Guarantee ticket options will make it oh-so-easy to get your whole family in on the fun.

2. Indulge in Self-Care With Lashify’s Natural Lash Extensions

Our pleasures can fall low on the priorities list in our go-go-go lives. The phrase “guilty pleasure” contains the word “guilty,” suggesting that our pleasures should be prohibited. If we dare indulge, then we should feel bad about it. Our pleasures are a necessity, though—it’s called self-care.

It’s important to slow down to not only care for our needs but enjoy what makes us happy. Yoga, meditation, and journaling are fantastic self-care rituals, but some glam care can also help you become the best version of yourself.

Easy-to-apply natural lash extensions from Lashify can give you the boost you need by adding volume to the natural lash line while lifting the face, making you appear more youthful. It’s no secret that societal beauty standards reward long, thick eyelashes, and with extensions, you can enhance your natural beauty without using makeup. Looking good makes you feel good—and anything that helps you feel good is a form of self-care.

3. Kick That Soda Habit to the Curb Olipop’s Healthy Sodas

Having a soda along with a burger and fries could be considered one of our harmless, well-loved, all-American traditions, but you should know that there are many dangerous ingredients hidden in your soda. There’s no denying that these sugary drinks are one of the most popular libations because of their fizz and caffeine boost. However, they are also one of the unhealthiest beverages. Most of us are aware that drinking soda is unhealthy and does not provide any nutritional value, and it’s no secret sodas contain an unbelievable amount of sugar.

Sadly, diet soda does not fare any better since it contains artificial sweeteners, which are also unhealthy. So does this mean we have to give up our beloved bubbles forever? Thankfully, the latest beverage revolution is riding the coattails of healthified junk foods. Brands like Olipop are prioritizing health and wellness.

Olipop is a delicious healthy soda that mimics the tastes of traditional sodas with plant-based ingredients. You’ll get about 32% of your daily recommended fiber in each can, no artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, and prebiotics to support digestive health. Not to mention they come in various flavors, from strawberry vanilla to classic rootbeer; you can improve your health while still enjoying a tasty pop!

4. Improve Your Mental and Physical Health With Blue Forest Farms CBD

Nearly every aspect of our daily lives is influenced by wellness. Physical wellness makes it possible to move around without pain, function well while working, or simply enjoy activities. Those with poor physical wellness may have difficulty engaging in physical activity without feeling uncomfortable or in pain. Emotional wellness is another part of wellness that helps us process grief, anger, or frustration during life’s inevitable downturns. It also enables us to experience joy and optimism when things are going well.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways we can improve and maintain our overall wellness through things like diet, exercise, and meditation. But did you know some supplements can also help enhance your physical and mental health? Hemp companies like Blue Forest Farms offer a variety of natural and effective CBD products that can help you achieve optimal wellness.

CBD can help you feel better, reduce your chance of illness, improve your mood, reduce stress, and even boost your energy levels. While CBD products have a reputation for helping people relax and unwind, they can also be used for a variety of other purposes, and different formulations can provide unique health benefits. When you feel your best, you can show up as your best self for your family.

5. Give the Kids a Night to Remember With Funboy Sleepover Beds

Sleepovers are often one of the best experiences kids have growing up with their friends. From the anticipation of an upcoming sleepover to the morning after when they’re exhausted from hardly sleeping a wink, they love every part. Kids live for the next time they can all gather at someone’s house, eat junk food, watch movies, and stay up as late as possible.

Not only are sleepovers fun, but they can also help build independence and allow children a chance to make new friends. That is exactly why you should say “yes!” the next time your child asks if they can have a sleepover.

If you’re looking to be crowned the Most Awesome Parent on the playground, make your kid’s sleepover awesome with these adorable and affordable sleepover beds from Funboy. Forget throwing extra blankets and pillows on the floor—take your sleepover to the next level and make it memorable by adding a sleepover bed to the experience. From blow-up convertibles to airplanes, it will elevate your kid’s sleepover from mundane and boring to downright extraordinary and unforgettable.

6. Make a Fashion-Forward Statement With iHeartRaves

Music festivals and raves bring together thousands of people to a single venue, enjoying one or multiple nights of music, art, and pure entertainment. If you’ve never been to one before, you’re missing out. The whole atmosphere of music festivals and raves is unreal, with generally positive energy that allows you to lose yourself in the music and the euphoria of it all.

The key to choosing an outfit for a rave or festival is to remember that it’s all about self-expression. Looking your best at a festival is key! You want to feel confident and stylish while dancing the night away.

The best thing about raves and festivals is that they are judgment-free zones like nothing else on the planet. When it comes to trendy rave outfits, iHeartRaves has everything you need—and the possibilities are endless. It can be as simple or as outrageous as you like. Rompers and jumpsuits are great options for rave wear, as they’re easy to dance in, and you can dress them up or down.

While going to a rave might seem like it’s out of the question if you have a family, there’s no harm in letting loose on your own here and there. That’s the name of the game when it comes to balance: Taking care of yourself so you can show up for others and achieve your goals.

7. Rejuvenate Your Hair With Nutrafol From the Editorialist

Healthy and beautiful hair can enhance your appearance and give you the confidence boost that you always wanted. There’s no doubt that hair loss can have a significant impact on self-esteem for both men and women. Aside from hurting your self-esteem, hair loss can also lead to depression, anxiety, and other emotional problems, which can get in the way of balancing your goals.

Men and women can suffer from hair loss due to heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, or a normal part of aging. The first sign of hereditary hair loss in women is usually thinning hair or a widening part. Often, men with hereditary hair loss can be identified by a receding hairline or bald spot on top of their heads.

There are many products available to combat hair thinning and hair loss, including shampoos and scalp treatments. But among the many options out there, there’s one oral supplement that seems to be a clear winner. It’s Nutrafol—a supplement that can increase hair growth and quality, especially for those with thinning hair. Don’t believe it? Check out the glowing Nutrafol reviews from the Editorialist, and try it for yourself!

8. Get Your Creative Juices Flowing With The Word Counter’s Random Word Generator

Whether for work, school, or play, The Word Counter’s random word generator can get your creative juices flowing and help you out of a rut. These types of tools are easy to use and can save you a ton of time. Simply begin typing anything, and the tool will begin creating keywords based on your text. You can then use those to help inform further writing endeavors. Gone are the days of getting stuck on one email for work when you could spend that time with family. Enlist a random word generator to help you out. With these tools, the sky is the limit!

Some of the most common ways a random word generator is used are for incorporating words into creative writing, helping teachers and students create vocabulary tests, developing games, which you can enjoy with your family, or coming up with new names.

9. Showcase Your Achievements With USAMM Military Thin Ribbons

It’s important for service personnel to put their best foot forward, especially when they’re wearing their service uniforms and military ribbons. Most service personnel put a lot of effort and money into maintaining their uniforms. By paying attention to detail, they ensure their uniforms reflect well to the branch in which they serve.

With official military thin ribbons from USAMM, you can present the proper image that reflects not only great credit upon yourself but also upon your service branch. The process of building a thin ribbon rack is super easy. You have full freedom to customize your thin ribbon rack the way you want it. From backing to device options to spacing, you can ensure your ribbons are in the right order and displayed properly. Make you and your family proud by nicely displaying your achievements!


It often feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Between work, family, and everyday life, taking care of yourself can feel impossible. Still, PsychCentral notes that when self-care suffers, it can have dire consequences on our life. Luckily, some products and services can alleviate these issues, giving you time for more important tasks and helping you feel better inside and out.

From natural lash extensions to sleepover beds for the kids, you can invest in items and services that actually improve day-to-day life for you and your loved ones. Remember, to maintain a balance and feel good physically and mentally, you must feel confident, efficient, and healthy. Improve your lifestyle with products that help you feel good, boost your mood, and save yourself the time you deserve to have back.