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All about Retail Fixtures

Convenience or retail store management should have display fixtures as part of its shelving. Some displays may come with pre-embedded fixtures, but unique, compared to traditional, fixtures, will optimize customer relationship building and transactions by adding depth to any business space. Customer-friendly showrooms are known to enhance areas when using multifaceted fixtures. Gridwall fixtures are a retail must-have to increase consumer browsing with appropriate positioning of hooks, panels, and shelves.

Fixture Types

The four most common fixtures are custom fixtures, display cases (also known as showcase counters), kiosks, and pedestals. First, innovative display fixtures reduce merchandising and shopping stresses. Showrooms become eye-catching with creativity that encourages customer engagement in-store. Then, display cases are an entertaining option to present branded or high-end items. These cases, usually available in glass or plastic coverings, also prevent expensive or fragile items from becoming damaged.

Kiosks are an excellent business investment that allows customers to approach a dedicated and experienced store associate to obtain necessary information or service. An informational resource accessible during hours of operations significantly caters to customer needs and positively accelerates customer relations and trust. Also, promotional banners and pamphlets can cover the kiosk area to encourage sales.

Lastly, pedestals have attention-grabbing due to their designs and graphics. Usually existing as a freestanding display, pedestals add height to any storage space that brings specific appeal to a product or promotional item. With strategic placing at the end of isles or within open spaces, this point-of-purchase (POP) display highlight and emphasize particular sale initiatives.

Other Fixtures

More business-specific fixtures include the 2- and 4-way garment racks and round rack garment displays, accessory displays, body forms (i.e., mannequins), cube units, dump bins and tables, gondola shelving units, grid merchandisers (i.e., gridwall panels), and Slatwall merchandisers and panels.

  • 2- and 4-way garment racks and round rack garment displays: coming with a round or rectangular base with chrome finishings, this is a traditional option to display clothing
  • Accessory displays: available in acrylic, cardboard, glass, leather, velvet, and wire, this display type takes up minimal counter space and can be placed near checkout registers
  • Body forms: also known as mannequins, dressed full-body or torso models help display accessories and clothing
  • Cube Units: colorfully stacked glass, plastic, or wire boxes on a branded base is a tailored display option that adds dimension to small retail spaces that bring customers’ attention to desirable products
  • Dump bins and tables: durable and inexpensive dump bins and tables (i.e., hanging bins, spinning dump racks, stacking baskets, or utility tubs) are best placed near the front of the store to emphasize clearance, discount, or promotional items to increase in-store foot traffic
  • Gondola shelving units: available in a variety of colors, depths, and heights, this shelving system is an industry standard for creating evolving and manipulative aisles and endcaps
  • Grid merchandisers: these lightweight, flexible, and mobile grid fixtures generally come in chrome, black, or white that adding a high-functional and modern touch to any sales floor or window display
  • Slatwall merchandisers and panels: metal hooks and shelves added to either laminated or wood grain finished Slatwall merchandisers or panels is a heavy yet visually stunning display option