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Tiled Conservatory Roof Costs. The Important Information

You must analyze several things if you have a conservatory and want to change the roof tiles and know how much it will cost. There is no standard tiled conservatory roof cost. The cost of retrofitting your tiled conservatory roof will depend on multiple elements. While various factors are associated with the cost of retrofitting your conservatory roof, two main factors stand out.

The total roof area of your conservatory that needs to be tiled

What quality and type of material do you want to use?

Additionally, the labor cost for installing the tiles, removing the old roof, and any changes in the electrical or plastering done during the installation process will also add to the bill. When retrofitting a tiled conservatory roof, sometimes you must replace the siege units; you may need new box guttering or internal pelmets. You may also need to replace the Velux-style windows or even a new lead flashing work to secure the roof to the existing property. All these new additions will further inflate your final bill.

This article will give you a clear picture of the tiled conservatory roof cost, which will help you make an informed investment decision.

What is the typical cost of a tiled conservatory roof?

A tiled conservatory roof will cost more than a glazed roof. The average price of a tiled roof can vary between £650 to £ 850 (it depends on where your home is situated in the UK). As explained above, the various factors are reflected in the final bill, and it becomes hard to accurately state the cost of replacing the tiled conservatory roof.

A quick calculation shows the cost of replacing the tiled conservatory roof is as follows:

3m x 3m (9sqm): Fully fitted for around £ 7,500 (£832 sqm approx.).

4.5m x 2.5m (11sqm): Fully fitted for approximately £8,900 (£806 sqm approx.).

8m x 3m (24sqm): Fully equipped for around £ 18,250 (£760 sqm approx.).

However, this price is substantially lower than installing a similar size new conservatory.

What do you get for the money you have paid?

As explained earlier, multiple factors can significantly affect the final price you have to pay for tiling your conservatory roof. However, your final cost can include the following:

  1. Removing the old roof
  2. Roof materials
  3. The roof tiles
  4. Foil-backed insulated plasterboard.
  5. Fascia
  6. Guttering
  7. 100mm file backed additional dense insulation
  8. Electrical work
  9. Spotlights on lighting
  10. Plaster finish
  11. The cost of structural strengthening (if it is required).
  12. VAT at 20%


To get an accurate price for the tiled conservatory roof cost, the company that will replace the tiles will send an expert to your home and take precise measurements. The surveyor will also check whether the existing structure of your conservatory is robust enough to support the new roof. You should also check whether you will need building regulations to change your conservatory roof. The overall time required to complete your conservatory roof conversion should not take more than a week.