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Rejuvenating Fertility Center (RFC) Offers FREE 20-Minute Video Consultations If You Live in These 6 States

Rejuvenating Fertility Center (RFC)’s medical director and founder, Dr. Zaher Merhi, truly believes in making the world a better place – one miracle baby at a time. Now, he is excited to reach out in a whole new way.

“We believe in giving back,” says Dr. Merhi. “Right now, I am personally offering free 20-minute video consultations.” Whether patients have gotten bad news and want a second opinion, or are beginning their fertility journey, RFC can help.

“Many women struggle with fertility issues,” Dr. Merhi says. “While many of our patients are over 35, very young women can also experience issues with fertility – and we also have successful mothers in their 40’s. So we are here for everyone.” RFC also refuses to apply cutoffs or limitations to patients based on age or weight – so for patients who have been turned away from other fertility clinics, RFC is waiting with open arms.”

In order to qualify for the free consultation, interested parties must:

  • Be a new patient
  • Live in one of 6 states:
    • Connecticut
    • Massachusetts
    • New Hampshire
    • Maine
    • Vermont
    • Rhode Island

Dr. Merhi hopes to share options with hopeful mothers around the world. While the free consultations are currently only offered in 6 states, that could definitely change, according to RFC staff. “A huge number of our patients are outside this area,” Dr. Merhi says. “As many as 40%, in fact. We have patients from Europe, Asia, Canada, all over the world, thanks to telemedicine.”

While RFC is globally minded and provides many services remotely, patients will come into an RFC clinic on the day of their procedure – and people are coming from all over the world. They’re coming from near and far because RFC is the fertility clinic with a completely different outlook on the entire process – and sees patients as people, not numbers.

Most fertility clinics only offer traditional in vitro fertilization (IVF), also called conventional IVF. This involves the administration of a multitude of fertility medications via injections- some goes deep into the muscles. The process can be extremely costly, stressful, painful, and frightening for patients. “This can also produce many extra eggs and/or embryos,” says Dr. Merhi. “Not everyone wants that.”

RFC, on the other hand, does everything possible to minimize stress, and avoids over-medicating and injecting patients whenever possible. “There are always alternative options” is the motto of RFC. The clinic has IVF systems that are entirely needle-free: medication is ingested orally and/or nasally. RFC also utilizes Natural IVF, in which only one egg is collected: the one naturally produced during the patient’s monthly cycle. The egg is retrieved, fertilized, and the resulting embryo placed back into the mother’s womb. It’s as close to natural conception as possible and allows the patient to become pregnant with her own egg.

RFC also pioneered what it calls ORGANIC IVF, which is an entire system that targets the body from head to toe, promoting relaxation techniques, altering diet for whole-body health, finding the perfect exercise routine, and then developing a treatment cycle customized to the individual. It also includes the latest technology, such as Ozone Sauna Therapy, and even has the option for ovarian rejuvenation via platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

“We think PRP ovarian rejuvenation is exceptional for promoting fertility,” says Dr. Merhi. “It’s the latest in technology but honestly, it also partners with our holistic approach, in that this treatment utilizes the body’s own healing power, which lies within the blood, to stimulate the ovaries and re-awaken egg maturation and development, and potentially improve egg quality.

RFC invites those in the states listed above to reach out to the experts at RFC, and begin – or reinvent – their fertility journey.

Rejuvenating Fertility Clinic is New York and Connecticut’s first IVF Center to offer non-conventional, holistic, and organic fertility methods. The clinic is currently accepting patients and offers a variety of IVF options, egg donation and surrogacy, and other fertility treatments. 

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