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A Guide to Spending your Layover at Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is also known as Son Sant Joan airport, which is located 8 kilometres east of Palma. This is an International Airport that remains active throughout the year. In 2019 the airport handled 29.7 million passengers. That is why it is called the 3rd busiest airport in Spain. So, if you are not taking a flight to Madrid or Barcelona airport, this could be your 3rd option. The airport has 4 terminals of which the first one caters to domestic flights and the rest of the B, C, and D handles international flight. In the initial days, the airport was used for seaplanes, but later it got many renovations and became one of the busiest airports in Spain.

A layover at Palma de Mallorca isn’t something that will bore you, rather it’s an opportunity to explore the endless beauty of Spain and Spanish culture. Depending on how much time you have with you, you can explore Spain. If you have 2 to 3 hours up your sleeves then it would be advised to remain within the airport lounge and enjoy the services and restaurants it provides. For longer layovers, it would be wise to head out and explore the city.

One of the major concerns while leaving the airport during a layover is whether you will make it back on time or not. But that should not be your concern when you are at Palma de Mallorca airport. Airport transfer Palma de Mallorca services are one of the best in the country so you do not have to worry about being late at all. The Palma de Mallorca airport transfer facilitates pickup from the airport and a tour of the entire city. The Palma de Mallorca chauffeur services provide the best Palma private chauffeurs who will take care of your transportation requirements.

For a layover of two hours

·   Eat, drink, and relax

Suppose you have less than 3 hours to spend at the Palma airport, it’s best to enjoy the facilities at the lounge airport.  There is no shortage of restaurants, bars, and cafes. There is Burger King, Deli, and Cia that serve a variety of international cuisines with a Mediterranean touch. Another good option is Paul, MasQMenos, and Lavazza food truck. You can opt for hot or cold drinks, fresh sandwiches, croissants, and much more.

In the departure zone, there is Costa Coffee that serves an assortment of coffee, soft drinks, muffins biscuits, cakes, and croissants. There are four terminals and each of them has an array of restaurants, café, and bars. You will also find Expression Lavazza and Son Sant Joan café where you can grab the best pastries, sandwiches, and other refreshments. Terminal C has McDonald’s, Upper Crust, Ready to Eat, Farggi, Beaudevin, Beer Corner San Miguel, Budweiser, Corona, Ribs. On terminal D, you can find Forn d’es Pont, GourMed, Es Rebost, and Burger King.

·   Shop at duty-free stores

When you are traveling to Palma and the flight lands at Palma airport, do not miss the opportunity to shop at Spain’s largest duty-free stores. Yes, we are talking about the stores at Palma airport. You can find products like perfumes, cosmetics, wines, and other food stuffs. You should take a look around and buy some souvenirs to take back home. However, keep in mind that there is a limit to how much you can buy.

·   Unwind with a spa treatment

The Neos Spa Air offers you the opportunity to relax after a long flight. They offer various services, including spa manicure pedicure facials and even some short treatments. So, before you start exploring the endless spots of the Spanish cities, prepare yourself for the hectic day ahead.

For the layover of 3 to 6 hours

If you have a layover for more than 3 hours it is better to head out into the city and explorer some of the local hotspots. You can book a Palma de Mallorca limousine service in advance and the Palma de Mallorca chauffeur service will take care of your pick up and drop off.

Some of the spots to visit in Palma de Mallorca is Palma cathedral, Palma Old Town, The Royal Palace of la Almudaina, Joan Miro Museum, Jardines de S’Hort del Rei, and Mercat de Santa Catalina. Most of these places are at a distance of 15 minutes to 3 hours from the airport. By booking a limousine service Palma de Mallorca, you will be making sure that you reach the airport on time. The Palma de Mallorca car services will make sure that you cover your itinerary list comfortably.

Booking the car services Palma de Mallorca in advance will also ensure that you are getting a good deal. The Palma de Mallorca airport limousine service providers release some fantastic deals from time to time, so planning in advance will mean that you get a good discount.