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Zazz Successfully Incubates Agile Methodology For Mobile App Development

Seattle, WA, May 08, 2023, Our team at Zazz is often asked this question: How are we able to deliver successful and popular mobile apps, with so much consistency and precision?

Although this question needs an entire book to be filled in as answers, the foundation of our terrific success rate boils down to one factor: Agile Development Methodology for creating and launching mobile apps.

But how?

In this article, we will share the principles of agile work methodology, and showcase how Zazz is leveraging the flexibility and power of being agile to deliver top-notch mobile app solutions for our clients, within the deadlines, and the budget.

To start with, what is agile development methodology?

Agile Development Methodology: The Power Of Being Flexible

As the word suggests, being agile is the ability to move quickly, with determination and resolve.

In terms of the software and mobile app development landscape, agile methodology can be described as a development process, that focuses on the collaborative effort of cross-functional teams and customers to deliver the final product in lesser time.

The primary fundamentals for making the agile development process a success are: collaboration and flexibility.

Once our mobile app development company at Zazz embraced agile development methodology, then it changed everything for us: We were able to plan our activities, trigger evolutionary development, deliver projects before the deadline, and showcase tremendous flexibility in responses to changes in requirements, capacity, and in-depth understanding of the problem to be solved.

The Foundation Of Agile Development Methodology

In the early 2000s, a group of highly influential and talented programmers wrote the Agile Manifesto, which showcases the foundation of being agile in software and mobile app development, which we at Zazz rigorously follow and deploy for every project.

These are:

  • Focus on Individuals and interactions, compared to Processes & Tools
  • An immediate working MVP, compared to endless documentation
  • Collaboration with customers over contract negotiation
  • Responding to changes, compared to following a hard-coded plan of action

These fundamentals of Agile Development strategies removed the need for following a definitive protocol for mobile app development but rather allowed us to focus on the results, via active conversations between the development teams and the customers, and extremely flexible to the changes and updates.

This translates to unstoppable success for our clients!

Agile Development Seeped Deep Into Our Psyche

The birth of agile work methodology came into existence because the software programmers were fed up with the bureaucracy, and the weight of the hierarchy for software development projects. The stiffness of the management, and an absence of clarity delayed projects, and it became financially non-feasible even to start working on large projects.

It was then that the agile working protocols gained momentum, and it introduced a new era for programmers and clients.

We at Zazz have been embracing the agile development model since the start, and now, the fundamentals of the agile model have seeped deep into our psyche, and it reflects across all our endeavors.

How Agile Development Saved Us Time & Resources

For instance, when we were developing a mobile app for a leading healthcare provider in Canada, our team arrived at a critical junction, where a decision had to be taken instantly: Should we choose monolithic vs microservices, as the architecture model for the application?

Now, here comes the typical problems during such situations. The management needs to be apprised of the SLA, contracts, and more documents, and revised KPIs need to be approved, and by the time all the approvals arrive, we have lost a considerable amount of time.

But in the agile work model, we quickly communicated this issue with the PoC, along with our team members from different divisions, and we all agreed on working with microservices for some critical functionalities so that development-related work is not hampered.

Meanwhile, the top management was informed, and advised on this matter, and suggestions were shared so that they could have ample time to consider the pros and cons.

Not only it saved time, and resources, but also presented a better scenario to the management, for making the best decision. (we eventually deployed microservices for all functionalities and versions).

Agile Methodology = Transparency = More Ideas, Fewer Errors

In another case, we used a very critical aspect of being agile: total transparency.

The daily work and the progress for the new app that removed barriers between the fans and the artists were shared regularly with all the stakeholders, and this helped us to identify a major logical error, that could have sabotaged the user experience.

But thanks to the feedback from a sales executive who used to sell tickets for events, we identified this major flaw in the user journey early on and tweaked our codes to make sure that every moment spent by users on this app is memorable.

Basically, by using the agile development process, we ensured that

  • There exists Iterative Development (repeated design, implementation, testing, and feedback, in a loop)
  • Cross-Functional Teams are engaged and connected
  • There exists Continuous Integration and Delivery after every major update
  • Every frame and process has Customer-Centric Approach to ensuring customer delight
  • There exists ample Flexibility and Adaptability to incubate last-minute and/or unexpected changes
  • There is Transparent Progress Tracking of all stages related to product development, and there is Continuous Improvement, on all fronts.

And the results speak for themselves. After inspiring billions of views, triggering millions of dollars of revenues, and empowering hundreds of businesses to scale, grow and thrive, we at Zazz are confident that the agile development model is the game-changer.

Founded in 2009, Zazz has the unique distinction of launching app# 47 on Apple Playstore, and app# 267 on Google Play Store. With the foundation of an agile work model, and expertise in next-gen technologies and human-first design philosophy, we have partnered with Fortune 500 organizations, startups, and enterprises including MindSet (500K+ Downloads), Jeddah Season (5 million+ downloads), Settlyt (100K+ downloads), and more.

For more information, please visit:- www.zazz.io.

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