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Why Is The FIFA World Cup So Popular?

No matter what you call it, soccer or football is the world’s most beloved sport, and the FIFA World Cup is the single most-watched sporting event in history. Thirty-two countries compete for the most prestigious prize in soccer, which was watched by a record 3.57 billion people in 2018. That incredible number is equivalent to half the world’s population. But how did the World Cup reach this level of popularity?

The World Cup has the highest stakes of any soccer tournament on the planet. It was first played in Uruguay in 1930 and is contested every four years, including the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule to be played in Qatar. 

For many countries, it’s the biggest act of patriotism that most people will engage in during their lives because their country is being recognized and represented in a worldwide event. In addition, the World Cup is the only worldwide sporting event based on a single sport, unlike the Olympics. 

Soccer Is Accessible To More People

The simplicity involved with soccer is the asset that makes it more accessible than other sports to an average person. The rules of the game are less complicated than other sports like rugby, cricket, and American football. This fact has helped spread it to more parts of the planet than any sport. It can also be played anywhere and is enjoyed in parks and streets everywhere around the world.

The sport also has no economic barriers, unlike other sports where facility construction costs and the need for a lot of equipment can be too much to handle, such as building a basketball court. Any object similar in size to a ball with some bounce can suffice, and random objects can even be used as goalposts. There’s not even a need to wear shoes, which means nothing stops anyone interested in playing the game from participating. 

Marketing Has Increased Popularity 

With advances in technology, marketing and financing the sport by governments worldwide is constantly increasing as few countries have another more popular sport. Although the World Cup is the biggest soccer event, the famous soccer leagues give fans a better idea of the enormous marketing deals. 

Many well-known brands also pay big money for sponsoring clubs, making it almost impossible to avoid seeing soccer represented anywhere you go in places like Europe. In the U.S., far too many sports compete for popularity for the country to be more involved than they are in international soccer.  

Hundreds of millions worldwide watch matches online using their mobile devices, which shows that modern advancements are helping society adapt to different methods to watch their favorite teams play. In addition, the 2018 World Cup broke many TV viewing records in key markets, such as the US, which helps us understand people’s importance of this glamorous competition.

The Only Truly Global Sporting Event

Probably the biggest reason the FIFA World Cup is so popular is that it is the only global event for a single sport. Most popular sports throughout the world are generally confined to one continent or region, whereas the World Cup takes place everywhere. Therefore, people from all different countries and cultures can come together for the chance to celebrate their nations and their love for the game. 

Because it’s held only once every four years, the anticipation leading up to the World Cup is always enormous. Fans watch local World Cup qualifying matches in the months before the tournament. They await the chance to see their country qualify and have an opportunity to participate in the action. 

The excitement can build up for years before, and even countries that don’t qualify for the 32-team field don’t lose interest, as the games are always competitive with the possibility of an upset in any match. As a result, fans are always treated to some of the best soccer action they will ever see, which is why it continues to be one of the most-watched events in the world.