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Why Fall is the Perfect Season for Selling Your Home

Spring and summer get a lot of attention when it comes to real estate. There’s a lot of appeal to selling a home in spring and early summer, and these are definitely popular times of year to sell, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of benefits to selling in the fall.

Fall is a season of transition. The environment around us slowly and beautifully changes from summer to winter. It’s a great fit for selling a house, another time of transition. What better way to embrace the change in your life than amidst all the beauty fall brings with it?

There are many great reasons to list your home in the fall, some that even surpass the benefits of spring and summer. Embrace change by looking at our top reasons why fall is a great season to sell your house.

Natural Curb Appeal

Even for people who prefer spring colors or the blue skies of summer, seeing the leaves change into vibrant colors can be breathtaking. 

Some homeowners underestimate the power of curb appeal, but it really goes a long way in getting buyers interested in your home. For sellers in areas with beautiful backdrops, like Oshawa, selling in the fall is a great idea. Work with Oshawa real estate agents to find ways to best decorate your home in a complementary way to take full advantage of fall’s vibrancy.

While there’s plenty to boast about fall’s curb appeal, it’s important to keep on top of yard maintenance while your home is showing. Make sure you stay on top of raking fallen leaves and keep your lawn looking its best.

Fewer Homes on the Market

With spring such a popular real estate season, most homes have already sold, or their owners have temporarily taken them off the market by the time fall rolls in. That means there are fewer homes for you to compete with. With less inventory, buyers have fewer options, so as long as your home is in good condition, it’s more likely that you’ll sell your home for the asking price or even higher.

Buyers are More Serious

In the spring and summer, many people are on the fence about buying a home, and sellers tend to field a lot of viewings from people who aren’t sure whether they’ll buy a home at all. People who are looking at homes in the fall are generally far more serious. Often, they have more of a pressing need to move immediately, whether because they’re relocating, to be closer to family or for another reason. 


When you sell your house at a less busy time, you often have more help and resources at your disposal. This can make the closing process go much more smoothly, as mortgage lenders, real estate lawyers and home inspectors aren’t stretched thin like they are in spring and summer. It can also mean more attention from your real estate agent and an easier time hiring movers for your move date.

Fall is full of great reasons to sell, so don’t feel like you have to wait until the new year to sell your house if you don’t want to.