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Which is the best crowdfunding platform for tech gadgets?

Since the advent of technology, we have integrated our daily lives with many gadgets from smartphones and smartwatches to smart clothing and many more. Tech gadgets make our lives more convenient, make us efficient, and save a lot of our time. Hence, many businesses are now beginning to introduce and launch a wide range of tech devices.

However, developing a tech gadget needs a lot of funding for research and development, hires, manufacturing, marketing, distributing, etc. And not every company has the means or funds to make their product a reality. But crowdfunding is a great alternative to raise capital when for small businesses or new creators in the market. Through a crowdfunding campaign, you can attract backers who would be willing to invest in your product. Most importantly, there are many crowdfunding platforms for tech gadgets that only cater to technological projects or products. And since there are many crowdfunding platforms out there, you need to choose one that is best suited for your business model.

Some Top Crowdfunding Platforms For Tech Gadgets

Crowd Supply

Crowd Supply is also one of the best platforms to launch a new campaign involving a tech product or project. In addition, this platform is mainly focused on hardcore hardware, involving robotics, networking, and open hardware. Furthermore, Crowd Supply has its own distribution infrastructure that always ensures that successful products are made and delivered safely to the backers. All in all, it is much more pro-user than the competition.


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that has been around for more than a decade. The most important thing to remember about this platform is that backers do not pay the funds upfront, rather they “pledge” them. Hence, if a campaign fails, the campaigner does not get any of the funds pledged. Additionally, Kickstarter is a reward-based crowdfunding platform. Thus, backers can be enticed with appealing rewards if they pledge a certain amount. Overall, Kickstarter is the poster child of crowdfunding platforms and is the first one creators choose to raise capital for their tech products or projects. However, it does not solely focus on technological campaigns, hence, there is a lot of competition to attract backers on this platform.


For your information, GadgetAny is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform majorly focused on technological products or projects. It is a perfect place for small business owners or entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and raise funds to make them a reality. Most importantly, GadegtAny does not charge any platform fees, unlike most of the platforms in the market. So, GadgetAny can help new creators to launch their campaigns from the ground up without shelling out a penny. In addition, since it is reward-based, owners can attract backers with non-monetary gifts.


Indiegogo is even older than Kickstarter. It initially started as a platform to raise money for cancer patients. But then transformed into a global crowdfunding platform with more than eight billion backers. Furthermore, Indiegogo is also a reward-based platform where owners offer tiered gifts to people who invest in their business idea. In addition, it is a platform where new entrepreneurs can launch creative and imaginative tech products or projects before introducing them to the mainstream market. However, like Kickstarter, it supports a wide variety of categories of business ideas. But it is a much more flexible fundraising platform than Kickstarter.


Crowdfunder enables actual investment in return for equity in a business idea, unlike its competitors. Therefore, it solves the major problem many backers have with crowdfunding—-the fact that they don’t receive anything, not even the promised rewards, for the funds they invested if a campaign fails. However, not everyone can invest in a campaign on this platform. The legal restrictions only allow accredited investors to put their money into a campaign. But, that will eventually change considering the change in the investment world. In any case, Crowdfunder supports new innovative tech startups to raise funds and enter the mainstream market.


Experiment is a crowdfunding platform that is laser-focused on experimental projects rather than any tech product or project. However, these experimental projects could someday lead to the development of a new tech gadget that can become useful to us. For instance, new battery technology, robots, and other scientific research projects in almost all fields. Hence, it is a great platform for creators looking to raise funds for a technological project that can advance human knowledge about technology and its various practical uses.