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6 Foolproof Christmas Video Ideas You Need to Try

It’s almost that wonderful time of the year again. A season of shopping, cooking, family gatherings, and gift-giving. It’s also the perfect time for holiday-themed vlogs viewers can enjoy during the Christmas season. People anticipate new content, making Christmas vlogs an interesting concept to keep your subscribers interested and entice new ones.  

However, coming up with Christmas-themed vlogs can be a little tough because thinking of the content can be demanding. Luckily in this article, we will guide you through six vlog ideas to make creative holiday videos that will stand out and draw traffic to your site.

1. Christmas home decor 

Out with the old, in with the new as the famous saying goes. Christmas décor videos are popular vlog content since people are looking for ideas to spruce up their homes and offices.  

Danny Trichter of Accessibility Checker shares, As we approach the Christmas season, we are bound to replace the dark fall decorations with Christmas’s bright reds and greens. I think it would be great to showcase how you would decorate a home or an office to make people feel the spirit of Christmas. “

He adds, “People will also find it useful to share DIY decorating ideas and shopping hacks when buying Christmas decors.” People look forward to drawing decorating ideas from their own personal experiences. 

For your vlog, you can film how you put up the Christmas décor around your home. Create a viewer journey from buying the tree, ornaments, and lights, to putting it up. Sharing your comments as you go along the video will make it a fun, interactive decorating video. 

2. Gift Guide

Everyone is out on a mission to find the perfect gift for a loved one. During the holidays, people contemplate what gifts to get for friends and family. Vlogs that feature a list of gift suggestions are popular searches and gain a lot of views, giving your vlog better discoverability. 

Cover all bases and share as many recommendations as you can: best gifts for mom/dad, best gifts for co-workers, best gifts for girlfriend/boyfriend, and the list goes on. Give a personal review on a product you are recommending. Honest feedback increases your reliability. 

It would also be helpful to share the product’s price and links to where viewers can purchase it. 

For your vlog, include a segment sharing the best gift you received last Christmas as well as your personal wish list. Who knows, one of your loved ones is watching?

3. Christmas shopping

Shopping vlogs are always a success and great content for Christmas vlogs because viewers love watching people shop.  Shopping malls always go all-out with their holiday displays so highlight that in your vlog too. Walk your viewers through the halls and showcase the displays and it feels like they’re shopping in-store as well.

After your Christmas haul, it’s time to wrap those presents up. If you’re awful at wrapping gifts, entertain your viewers with funny wrapping fails. Jacob Villa of School Authority says that A comedy video is always a hit with viewers, but it’s especially effective during the holiday season. Make sure you’re keeping it funny and entertaining so you can keep them coming back for more.”

For your vlog, get creative by inviting friends and family to your shopping sprees. You’d be surprised how funny those videos would turn out.  

4. Christmas recipes

What’s Christmas without indulging in extra calories? Good food is a must during the holidays and people will frequently search for Christmas recipes to prepare. The Christmas season is booked with small gatherings of family and friends that require cooking to some extent.

Not sure what to prepare for Christmas? Share your winning holiday recipes and guide viewers on how to make them. “A cooking lesson is a great way to draw in viewers because they can’t wait to see what kind of delicious treats you’ve come up with.”, says Asmat Khan, customwiringloom

For your vlog, if it’s a family recipe you’re filming, feature the original recipe owner – this could be your aunt, mom, or grandma. This shows your vlog’s authenticity – something viewers yearn for in vlogs. 

5. Christmas trip

Most people travel during holidays, whether outside the country or just across another state. Christmas travel blogs are visual and entertaining content describing beautiful destinations viewers like watching. 

If you’re not traveling personally, you can create a short list of popular travel destinations and tourist attractions during Christmas. You’ll be giving your viewers an idea or two of where to travel this holiday season.  

For your vlog, include a few tips on how to make traveling during Christmas easy and smooth sailing. Viewers who take on your tips will thank you after. 

6. Christmas storytelling  

Christmas brings out a lot of emotions from people: love, joy, and nostalgia. People love hearing Christmas stories – and will surely love watching them too.  

The editor-in-chief Leo Coleman shares, “My top Christmas vlog ideas that effectively draw traffic are to make it interactive by asking people to participate in the vlog. You may also create a video that talks about a special event that occurs during Christmas.”

For your vlog, you can film in areas with heavy foot traffic such as malls and parks. Approach people and ask them to answer a question like “What do you look forward to most during Christmas?”, or “What traditions does your family practice during Christmas?”, or “What’s your favorite childhood Christmas memory?”.

Parting Words

Christmas is a festive season filled with vibrant colors and bright lights. Producing videos themed around Christmas is a great way to attract new audiences and educate your viewers. With this list of great ideas for your Christmas vlog, you’ll be able to create interesting and relatable Christmas vlogs that viewers will love to watch.