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What’s Coming to Windows 11 22H2

One year later, Microsoft will finally release the second version of Windows 11, called project Sun Valley 2, which will have the name Windows 11 2022 Update, this version is now available in Windows Insider Beta, and there are two options that users can choose, Build 22621 with a number of new features that are not yet active (including tabs in the file explorer, and other new features) and Build 22622 which already brings several new features by default.

In Windows 11 22H2, which reportedly will bring Build 22621 as GA or General availability, there have been quite a few improvements and new features, including the one related to safety and security.

Windows 11 Is More Stable

One of the reasons we were stuck with Windows 10 is because Windows 11 is still relatively new and still quite buggy to use, for example, the printer problem, which has been repeatedly reported as having problems in Windows 11.

In addition, some parts of the user interface of Windows 11 at that time could still be said to be imperfect, where there were still a number of rough parts and inconsistencies in all applications.

But it’s different now, where Microsoft, which this year has focused more on Windows 11 and has stepped up Windows 10, seems crazy to fix and perfect Windows 11, where there are already many things that users complained about before, have now been fixed.

For example, now, changing the default browser is more accessible; just one click will change the default browser immediately. It’s different from the past, where users had to change one by one the file format to be opened according to the application user wanted.

In addition, if in the past we couldn’t drag the pin to the taskbar, which is an important feature in Windows OS, now it can be done again.

For safety, Windows 11 also prepared something like Tampered Protection, which is useful as an additional layer of protection to prevent ransomware. But if you want to be safer, you can also use an antivirus, a good one. Also, you should install antimalware protection tool, which may work lightly and efficiently to protect your devices at all times. However, make sure to always install just one software to make your device stay stable. 

More New Features

Well, besides that, in Windows 11 22H2, there are already quite a lot of new features that are quite helpful in adding to the Windows 11 user experience.

Like Drag n Drop on the Taskbar, Folders on the Start Menu, Pin Files in Favorites, Improved Snap Layout, and many more, you can see the following article to find out what are the new features in Windows 11 22H2.

Microsoft Support Period Will Be Extended

If Windows 11 Home and Pro support (version 21H2 / Initial Release) started on October 4, 2021, the OS would stop being supported and stop getting updates from Microsoft on October 20, 2023.

After that, inevitably, users still have to update their system to a newer version, and by updating it to Windows 11 22H2, then, of course, it will extend the support period of Windows 11 that we use.

From what I discussed above, the conclusion is that in Windows 11 22H2, there are a number of improvements, including quality of life improvements, productivity improvements, taskbar function updates, and a number of common problems that have begun to be fixed.

With that, of course, this is enough to be the reason why you should upgrade from Windows 11 21H2 to Windows 11 22H2 because, after all, we think this OS brings drastic improvements to Windows 11.

As of now, Windows 11 22H2 or Windows 11 2022 Update is still under testing on the Windows Insider Beta Channel, but it is estimated that Windows 11 22H2 Will Be Released on September 20, 2022, which is only a few days away. So, take your seat, and wait for the upcoming big updates!