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What Makes a Great Employment Attorney Near My Area?

What are the characteristics of great employment attorneys close to my location?

The most skilled employment attorneys are those who will assist you with your specific legal requirements in the field of employment. This could include review of your severance agreement and providing advice on the labor union you belong to, representing your welfare plan or retirement plan or negotiating disputes at work and ensuring that you are entitled to the benefits and rights which are protected by the law.

Keith Custis specializes in representing those who have suffered injustice at work and has more than twenty years experience in helping clients with their legal issues. He has a unique knowledge about the laws and is determined to advocate for his clients with a focus on individual attention, empathy and respect.

Genie Harrison is an outstanding victim’s rights and employment lawyer who knows what you’re going through since she herself was victimized by sexual harassment. She is passionate about holding those who commit these types of crimes accountable to the law. Her dedication to justice and her thorough knowledge of law makes her the ideal candidate as your lawyer in any matter that you may have to file against the employer.

George Azadian and Ani Azadian the founders of Azadian Law Group, grew up in Los Angeles and have represented various clients, both executives and employees in the city and across its county. They represent C-level executives as well as medical professionals as well as financial sector workers and hourly employees.

Our office is situated within Pasadena and is located close to downtown. We are aware that many of our clients are from the surrounding areas which is why we provide consultations for free at any time , and will be happy to assist you with any concerns.

We’re a full service firm and can take care of all aspects the case which includes an investigation process, filing the lawsuit and bringing the case to court, if needed. We’ll keep you informed and informed of what’s happening and ensure that you’re treated fairly from beginning to end.

Ronald Zambrano is the Proposal of Very Good Attorney for Your Employment Law Needs

The team at West Coast Employment Lawyers, our employment lawyers represent clients from every walk of life who were victims of harassment or discrimination at work. We have secured millions of dollars for employees who have suffered adversity in wrongful termination lawsuits with companies like City of California, Long Beach Police Department, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Boeing, Ralphs, Carmax, Wells Fargo, Walmart, Macy’s and Curacao.

The most important action you can take when you’ve suffered from harassing behavior at work is to report it. If you delay in taking action to tell the truth about what happened you’ll be more difficult is to prove your case.

It’s equally important to report your complaint to the appropriate agency. It’s the Department of Fair Employment and Housing is a federal government agency that is able to investigate discrimination allegations, accept complaints from people who believe they’ve been unfairly treated from their employer, as well as make sure that all employees enjoy an equal right to protection under the law.