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What Is Memory Care Assisted Living? And Who Is It For?

If you are looking into a senior living center for an aging parent, grandparent, another elderly relative, or even if you are trying to find one for yourself, there are countless options available. And within those options are thousands of different amenities and various features, designed to meet the needs of a wide array of residents.

But if you are looking for something specific, and you’ve been googling phrases such as “memory care near me”, you have no doubt uncovered numerous different facilities to choose from. But what exactly do they offer? And what type of care do you or your loved one require for their specific needs?

While the exact amenities and benefits vary from location to location, here is a basic idea of what  assisted living and memory care facilities offer:

What Is Offered at an Assisted Living Community?

It’s an unfortunate truth that no matter how well we take care of ourselves through diet, exercise, and keeping active, we all get older. And at some point, it will become necessary to have help with larger tasks and eventually, even simple daily chores.

Assisted living facilities help residents with these types of activities, including personal care, household chores, transportation, and many others.

What Is Offered at a Memory Care Facility?

A memory care facility also covers the requirements found in most assisted living communities, with the addition of other things that require scheduling or regular attention. These types of facilities are geared towards providing additional care to those who may have Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, or some other form of long-term cognitive decline.

They make sure that residents are taking their medications properly, attending meal time, and getting their regular medical checkups. Searching for a “memory care near me” facility online will offer the specific details of local communities in your area.

Combining the Two Types of Care into One Inclusive Center

By combining both methods of elder care into one facility, families can rest at ease knowing that all of their loved one’s needs are being met.

Each day they will awaken to a healthy breakfast and a day filled with activities, community fellowship, games, and many other aspects of a quality life. These things go a long way in helping them stay active, and slow down their cognitive decline, when possible.

Searching Online for “Memory Care Near Me”

Although you can find a wealth of information online, that should only be the beginning of your search. Once you have a few locations in mind, take the time to go visit them in person. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of not only the staff but the residents as well. Take a tour of the facilities and see what they have to offer.

And when doing further research online, take a look at their ratings and reviews. But most important of all, sit down and decide what is most important to you or your loved one in a senior living community and try to find one that meets as many of those criteria as possible.