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Wageman Maintenance & Assembly’s brand, Automatedeurs24.nl, installs and maintains high-quality automatic sliding doors throughout the Netherlands.

Wageman is the industry leader in automated door service and installation. Wageman Automatedeurs24.nl is a company that installs and maintains high-quality automated sliding doors. Their fire-resistant sliding doors are unbreakable and comply with European safety standards. Their automated sliding doors have been used by many businesses and individuals for a very long time because they are quite durable. The automated sliding doors are excellent at keeping the heat inside and the cold outside. The transmission of germs is also restricted by the contact-free door. When it comes to automated sliding doors, door openers, and automatic sliding doors, excluding or including assembly, Wageman is your go-to expert. The automated sliding doors that they provide are available in a variety of colours and sizes. The views of the customers about the products are;

We had a sliding door whose drive did not work properly. Wageman Maintenance and Assembly supplied and installed a new drive for a fair price. The sliding door works perfectly again and we are very happy with it. Also, a small malfunction was neatly advised by telephone what to do and resolved. A company with sufficient knowledge in the field of automatic doors.”

said Henry Bonhoff, Agricultural and industrial engineering Bonhof

“We are very satisfied with the automatic door. As a hotel, this is more comfortable for our guests with suitcases and it is also a lot safer. The quality of the material is excellent and the service is very good. That is why we would recommend Wageman-automatic doors security.nl to everyone.” said Martin Faber from Hotel Faber.

“We are very satisfied with our automatic doors. Clear and clear communication and good agreements made in advance. The time between ordering and placing went entirely according to the time indicated by Mr Wageman.

Installation went well, no problems during installation while the store was open. Everything ready in 1 day. Clear explanation of the operation of the doors. In short: we are very satisfied with this company!” said Jacob Hemstra, Bakery Haaksma

About Automatedeurs24.nl door openers.

You may order automated doors and accessories from home at Automatische Deuren 24 for the lowest cost. You also have the greatest amount of freedom, which offers a lot of significant benefits. 1. In any location in the Netherlands and Belgium, install automatic doors yourself or have them done. Would you prefer to have the automatic doors installed by a professional or do you want to do it yourself? Both are possible; just specify them as part of your order. We include a detailed handbook with every door and gate, and if you still can’t figure it out, you can always call.

All accessories and doors were delivered at lightning speed.

We almost certainly have a spare doorknob, sensor, or switch if you need one. The delivery period for doors and fences is one week, but it’s frequently less. Ordered today, it arrived at home really quickly.

High-quality automatic doors and gates from well-known brands, at very competitive prices

We almost definitely have extra doorknobs, sensors, or switches on hand if you require them. The delivery period for fences and doors is one week, but it’s sometimes shorter. Today’s order arrives at home really quickly.

Maintenance and assembly without mandatory permanent contracts

Almost definitely, we have extra doorknobs, sensors, or switches on hand. The delivery window is one week, but it’s sometimes shorter, for doors and fences. fast delivery to your home if you ordered today.

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