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The Rock vs. Pharrell Williams: Their Most Ridiculous Sunglasses

From the ridiculously snug to the ridiculously flashy, here’s how these two men’s fashion icons both defied conventions – and defined trends – in their unique way.

The big, bald, but classy Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson versus the sleek, quirky, but snazzy Pharrell Williams – they’re about as different as legendary men’s fashion icons come… but they both have one thing in common.

Their choice of sunglasses is almost always on point – but occasionally, it’s not.

The Rock’s Ridiculously Snug Fitting Oliver Peoples Lachman

The Rock’s striking eyewear choices are particularly noteworthy because they’re as exhaustive and varied as his filmography.

And yes, it’s going to be damn difficult for a man that athletic and downright good-looking to look ridiculous with any sunglasses… but somehow he came within inches with a pair of all-acetate squarish Lachman sunglasses by Oliver Peoples:

Still sharp? You bet! But those arms stretch out over that luscious egg of a head a bit too much – and The Rock’s eyes almost peering around the rims truly give you an idea of how big that man’s head really is. Or are the sunglasses too small? Either way, this particular choice is quirkier than average for the good old Rock – and might just be the closest he came to looking like your average Joe getting suited up and ready for his best man’s speech wearing his little bro’s glasses (assuming the average Joe is 6’3ish, muscled up, and absolutely nailing it in every other fashion department besides eyewear).

That One Time Pharrel Sported Clunky Tacky Chanel Rounds

We get it, Pharrell’s style is all about making a bolder statement, mixing it up, putting the “shi-” in “fashion” – but some things just don’t look right, no matter what.

And these Paris Chanel – Chanel Paris Rounds look like absolute pub-toilet-seat-meets-deflated-life-buoy:

They look like that pair of cheap two-dollar sunglasses you bought to watch the eclipse through, that your seven-year-old sister later practiced her writing on (but she only did it on the rims, so you wouldn’t tell Mom she ruined your stuff – only you forgot all about them after the eclipse anyways, so it didn’t even matter).

We bet those glasses made a statement – we’re not entirely sure about what, though – as did the many others that Pharrel sported over the years.

Does Pharrell out-weird The Rock? Absolutely – no questions asked. But it is interesting that Pharrel’s more excentric style doesn’t look as unintentionally blundersome as The Rock’s, so we’re talking about different types of ridiculousness here.

Up to you to decide which is the best (or worst) – and if you’re looking for more outrageous sunglasses, you’ll love this Pharrell eyewear review by All Star Shades.

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